Dubbing production pros are in high demand and are on track to get even busier with global audiences demanding localised content. Workloads have tripled and studios struggle to keep up with tighter delivery windows.

With so many projects, it can be challenging keeping up with privacy data laws in different territories. We’ve created casting tools & GDPR compliance workflows to help you keep up!

project management

Centralised & tagged dubbing samples simplify voice searches.

Your samples power your personalised search engine

Create unlimited castings and roles

Control project confidentiality with access authorisations

Deliver final dubbing castings via streaming (actor names masked)

dubbing actor crm

Upload your dubbing actor database to your private cloud

Actor profiles to centralise contact info, languages, URLs, notes & media libraries, etc; for each actor

Upload unlimited samples 

Customisable tags for optimising dubbing searches

compliant dubbing projects

Automated compliance workflows for imported voice assets

Only compliant demos & actors can be added to castings

No more sending voice samples by email

Live time compliance reporting

Protects your studio, your clients and your reputation

What is GDPR and how does it apply to dubbing projects?

Voice is considered a biometric personal data and protected by legislation in many countries worldwide.

Data privacy laws are often based on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which imposes strict obligations for storing and processing personal data. 

GDPR applies to companies operating and/or subcontracting in the EU, who are storing, processing and/or sharing personal data. 

Some obligations include: identification, security, solicitation of consent of use 100% independent of work contracts, consent recording & renewal, processing of modification, rectification, and deletion requests, dubbing actors accessibility to personal data upon request…

Everyone involved in a dubbing project is responsible for ensuring their own GDPR compliance along with that of their partners. 

One weak link –  subcontractors included – not processing voice data in compliance with GDPR puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines, up to €20M or 4% of global revenues

we simplify your casting database compliance

Ensure the compliance of your organisation – Your clients count on it


While there are a couple of international dubbing groups with studios worldwide, most companies subcontract post-production studios in each territory to manage localised dubbing logistics for projects.

Often, contracted local studios will then contract voice directors.

Voice samples are then shared between the entire productino chain (from voice director to final client) and often saved for future projects.

Unfortunately, most of the saved recordings are not processed respecting privacy laws. 

localised content

Voice actor specifications vary drastically from project to project.

Established dubbing studios and voice directors have elaborate voice databases.

Most DPOs and legal departments are unaware these personal data collection risks even exist in their organisations.