TECH & TOOLS for marketing agencies
providing VOICEOVER & dubbing SERVICEs

Collaborative casting workflows for you & your clients

your casting ASSETS + our tools → beautiful interactive client projects

Mediartis provides a dedicated environment for professional service providers and their clients to collaborate on projects in real-time. 

Service providers enrich their assets, simplify the privacy compliance of talent data, and create and deliver interactive client castings on streaming. End clients manage all their projects in one space, review and validate delivered projects in real-time, and collaborate with internal stakeholders.

Our tools automate time-consuming tasks and free up creative teams to focus on what they love. Data compliance workflows ensure  assets and projects are conform with privacy legislation, and our streamed asset sharing feature lets organizations and agents keep control of their resources.

Optimize Your Voice Casting Resoures

  • Your assets structured into searchable talent database
  • Actor profiles cross-referenced with voice media
  • Asset tagging for enriched searches
  • Different user permissions

Create & Deliver Interactive Projects

  • Streamed access to your own media in projects
  • Seamlessly integrate streamed subcontractor casting resources 
  • Share interactive projects with your clients on streaming
  • Real-time review & validation
  • Only your logo is visible
  • Safeguards ensure only compliant resources are used in castings
  • Talent data masked in shared castings to protect assets

Receive Projects from Suppliers

  • Access vendor projects on streaming
  • Verify the homogeneity of roles across languages
  • Review & validate projects online
  • Real-time reviews & validation of shared projects
  • Partner project compliance visibility

Manage Internal Projects

  • Manage all your projects in one dedicated interface
  • Integrate resources from delivered castings into master projects
  • Secure data with user permissions
  • Share with stakeholders on streaming
  • Assign permissions when sharing projects
  • Real-time reviews & validation
  • Archive projects for future reference

One dedicated environment for the entire supply chain to collaborate. Create, deliver and receive privacy-compliant and interactive voice castings anywhere and any time. Automated workflows ensure projects are conforme with data privacy rules and compliance is tracked from the moment data is added to the platform through to end client project delivery. 

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