STEP 1 – Log into Mediartis

If you need help on how to log into Mediartis, please check out this article.

STEP 2 – Select casting

Click on the name of the casting you want to review. You can sort this list by company name, creation date, etc.

STEP 3 – Review casting and send feedback

On the casting page you will find the following information:

  • voice actor propositions divided by roles, and sometimes also by language
  • the comments of your vendor (if they added details)
  • a space for you to rate and comment samples so you can share with your vendor

How do I give my feedback on a sample?

  • In the “My comments” column, click on “Add a comment” in front of the sample you wish to rate and / or comment.
  • Select the rating you want to give that sample by clicking on the stars (leave blank to give 0 stars).
  • Add any comments that could be useful to send to your supplier then click on “Save”.
  • Click on “Update” in front of your comment to edit it.