Castings shared on Mediartis are interactive and your clients can provide feedback and rate every sample proposed in the casting.

If a casting has been shared with multiple people outside of your organisation, they will only see their own comments and ratings and not anyone elses.

When you share a casting, the shared version includes:

  • your company logo
  • project name
  • propositions for each role, with audio & video samples for each voice actor, with the public names and the orders you chose
  • your public comments
  • role search
  • a section for clients to comment on and rate each sample
Client version

When your clients rate samples and add comments, they will automatically update in your own casting interface.

You will see an average of every commenter’s rating and the number of comments made.

Click on the comments icon or the stars to visualise comments. You will see the email address of the author, their rating and at what time they commented.