What will my database look like once uploaded to Mediartis?

We know that your database is precious and at the very core of your work and so we’ve designed tools to help you optimise your voice casting assets.

Actor Database (CRM)

Once you’ve imported your actor list to your Mediartis account, it’s automatically integrated into your private actor database and individual actor profiles are created that can be modified at any time.

Actor CRM =>

Actor Profile => Mediartis Actor Profile

Actor profiles include:

  • Actor names
  • Actor first & last pseudo names
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Notes
  • Email(s)
  • Website/page links
  • Address
  • Languages + accents
  • Tags (categorisation keywords)
  • Links to actor’s media library

Audio Database

Once you’ve imported your actor list, you can import voice samples that are automatically associated with relevant actor profiles.

In Medias you can:

  • Listen to samples
  • Add samples to existing Castings
  • Create new Castings + Roles
  • Filter Media by Contact / File Name / GDPR Status.

Media Library =>