Media can be uploaded for multiple voice actors at one time by using the Mediartis import template or added with drag and drop for individual actors.

*Media can also be added directly to castings via drag and drop – useful if adding media from a live audition.


– Imported media must be associated with an existing Contact. Create the Contact profile before trying to import media.
Include keywords that describe the voice samples in the file names (ie video games, dubbing, sex, age, film, television, ES, LATAM, etc.) to optimise media searches.

Jump to Media and click Import Media.

Mediartis Import Media EN

CASE #1: Import Media with Drag & Drop to one contact profile

  • On the rightside of the screen, select Contact name from dropdown menu
  • Select files from your computer
  • Drag & Drop the media files to the Import Box or Upload the media files from your computer
  • Confirm the upload after Mediartis runs an import pre-check

CASE #2: Import a batch of media to multiple contact profiles

Batch uploads can only be made once your casting database is:

  • Structured for import
  • Accompanied by the completed import template (download here or in Media/Import Media)
  • Compressed into a zip file

Complete the import template with the following information:

  • Actor first name
  • Actor last name
  • Media PATH

  • On the left side of the screen, DRAG and DROP your zip file in the import zone OR CLICK the import zone to upload the zip file from your computer
  • Wait while your files are extracted from the zip file, and check if your import has any error listed (if that is the case, make the necessary changes and re-import your file).
  • Click on “Add these media to my database” or the files will not be imported.


Confirm the number of entries found corresponds to the number of media you are uploading.
If you have error messages, click the error icon to see the cause.
Errors are often caused by the misspelling of an actors name.


How do I structure my media database for import?

How do I generate media file PATHs?