I’m a voice actor, what are my GDPR-rights?

GDPR empowers European citizens and protects their personal data by imposing consistent and respectful processing of their personal data. What does GDPR have to do with voice actors?

As a voice performer, you’re at the forefront of major GDPR compliance challenges being addressed in the voice production industry. As voice is considered a personal data, companies and individuals storing and handling your voice reels must comply with policies defined by GDPR. Simply put, GDPR protects you and your voice, giving you transparent control over where and how your voice recordings are being used.

In an universe where voice samples are strong currency, your clips are shared and stored continuously, often, in non-compliance with GDPR laws. It’s likely you are unaware of who is using your samples, which samples are being used to confirm or refuse your candidacy for voice projects. Historically, storing, sharing and exchanging of voice clips in the voice production industry has been unstructured, and voice databases often under optimized and unmanaged. Today, voice production professionals are struggling to adapt to the complexities of GDPR imposed processing policies.

Industry leaders understand the importance of restructuring internal handling of your voice samples and other personal data and need your active participation to include your samples in their databases for casting projects. What does EU GDPR mean for me?

GDPR enforces companies and individuals to respect your rights, some of which include informing you they are holding your voice samples; giving you the opportunity to grant or refuse consent of data holding and processing; securing and protecting your samples; providing you access to all your personal data being held, audio samples included; respecting your demands of modifications; deleting samples you don’t want used; respecting your portability rights; deleting all of your personal data from all organizational supports…just to name a few.

GDPR gives you control of your personal data, voice reels included. You decide who uses which samples. Personal data holders are obligated to keep you informed on how your data is being used and often communicate processing policies in Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions.

For more information on EU GDPR, we advise consulting the European Commission’s website that details your rights and organisation’s obligations to you.

Disclaimer: All data and information provided in this blog post are for informational purposes only. Mediartis makes no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or validity of the information contained in this document. We recommend that you consult a lawyer for any legal advice regarding the respect of data protection.

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