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How do I structure my audio database for import?

A. Structuring your audio database for batch audio import 1. Casting Database Master Folder includes: Subfolders for each actor containing their audio files (audio file names must include actor names

What does “watermarked” mean?

When actors are entered into GDPR Processing, they have access to an isolated interface where they can listen to their voice samples. Their samples are watermarked in this interface. The

How do I search and filter media?

In your Mediartis account, jump to Medias. SEARCH MEDIA Enter keywords in the search bar and Enter FILTER MEDIA Click on the arrows next to the headers: Contact name File

How do I listen to my media?

To listen to media in your casting database, jump to Medias. Click the play icon of the relative media: Listen to a specific time mark of a media : Click anywhere

How do I add media to a role or casting?

In your Mediartis account, jump to Medias. Select Media file(s) to add to a role or voice casting project Click Actions and select Add to casting In Add Sample(s) to a Casting pop-up: If you are creating

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