Why Mediartis?

mediartis SAAS solutions : Voice Database optimisation - sample gdpr processing for safe castings - casting tools powered by your assets - secure casting collaboration clouds

Digital publishers voice casting tools

designed for audiovisual voice production

Mediartis provides a suite of casting solutions that help professionals cast more efficiently and securely. Integrated GDPR processing of voice samples helps professionals build and maintain trusted relationships with partners and clients. 

Mediartis is the first B2B solution to offer secure identity, consent and access control with built-in authorisation processing of voice data. We help voice production professionals manage and optimise voice databases, and make sure samples used in castings are GDPR-friendly. 

Our solution allows customers to grant third parties access to their data and sensitive and intellectual property in secure and compliant casting environments, without exposing themselves to security, legal and GDPR regulatory risks.

we help optimise your assets & simplify voice sample management

Our cloud provides convenience and security for the end-to-end partner casting process, accelerates time to market, and reduces IT costs. Safeguards ensure that the right people have access to the right data.

Organising castings with multiple types of partners across the world can get complicated. GDPR regulatory personal data challenges can be complex to navigate. We provide a smart solution to navigate the ever changing voice data ecosystem and help clients build and maintain trust with partners.

Voice database GDPR-safe

we're experts in voice data management and privacy

How can Mediartis Help You?

Unleash the power of your voice database with an integrated voice casting engine that optimises voice assets

Accelerate revenue growth by deploying a single solution to manage the GDPR compliancy lifecyle of voice samples

Centralise voice data and facilitate team access and search by tagging your voice assets for efficient castings

Simplify customer and partner access through organisational and guest access authorisation management

Organise and collaborate in secured and private casting cloud environments where samples can’t be transferred or downloaded

Secure voice data and castings with HS256 data encryption, one-time-use access keys with timeout security, and default session timeouts

Be confident your voice samples used for castings are GDPR compliant. Protect final clients and all production stakeholders

About us

360° Voice Casting Database Solution

Company Overview

Mediartis was created by post production professionals determined to provide a comprehensive solution to recurring and evolving problematics faced by audiovisual professionals working in the voice casting phase. We have reimagined and redesigned industry casting logistics.

Our purpose

To empower voice industry professionals with world-class cloud technology and tools that support their daily job, integrate seamlessly with their company and facilitate:

  • key voice casting & booking logistics
  • optimisation of private casting databases
  • voice casting database GDPR compliance

Our imperatives

  1. Be customer centric
  2. Empower other industry professionals
  3. Continuously innovate to help our customers work better
  4. Be the place where exceptional voice professionals do their best work
  5. Listen to our customers and evolve with their needs in mind
  6. Always provide ultra-secure cloud environments to protect customer and partner data

Customers & Partners

Customers and partners include professionals working with voices in the cinema, television, publishing, advertising, audio editorial, video game, OTT, digital publishing, animation, and telephony industries. Our solutions are designed for anyone working with voice artists and their voice samples.

Mediartis Voice Casting Solutions

Launched in 2019, Mediartis was conceived to provide solutions to rising concerns raised with EU GDPR. In other words, by accompanying industry professionals on how to manage voice personal data and samples in compliance with the GDPR. Voice clips are the currency of professionals working with voices and they circulate continuously. That is why Mediartis offers a B2B SaaS solution that helps companies and voice service subcontractors optimise voice databases. Similarly, it helps them organise GDPR compliant castings with partner users, and grant temporary access to sensitive casting data without regulatory risk.

Highly-secured and private business-to-business cloud solutions

  • Cloud Voice database centralisation that facilitates secured and structured organisation, access and usage of data assets
  • Tagging and categorisation of voice assets via AI technology
  • Personalised and private voice casting engines powered by organisations’ voice databases
  • Implementation and management of GDPR regulatory voice data processing procedures
  • GDPR compliant casting environments that protect casting production stakeholders

Launched in 2016, Voxing Pro is the first intelligent casting platform to connect voice casting professionals with voice over and dubbing actors. Voice actor profiles and clips are integrated into the Voxing Pro voice search engine, and the platforms’ casting and booking tools used by professionals seeking voices. Most importantly, this solution simplifies and facilitates casting and studio recording logistics.

Voice actor solutions

  • Comprehensive, interactive multimedia websites
  • Tagging and categorisation of voice characteristics, audio and video medias, dubbing credits, acting and experience by sector, availabilities…
  • Access to statistics to better optimise profiles and monitor profile performance in castings

Voice casting professional solutions

  • Industry-leading voice casting engine that delivers pertinent voice search results injust a few clicks
  • Access to a highly qualified selection of European voice professionals with studio-experience
  • Organisation of recording sessions via the platform and shared with professional collaborators involved in the production workflow
  • Integration of private contact database for seamless voice production workflow management