Mediartis SAAS solutions: How does it work?

Steps to get started

SET UP VOICE CLOUD Upload actor contact info and voice samples to your private and secure cloud. Optimise your database by tagging voice assets. Centralisation of voice reels boosts casting efficiency and reduces projects costs RENDER SAMPLES COMPLIANT Once voice assets are uploaded, Mediartis manages compliancy processing for every contact and sample. We render voice reels GDPR “safe” for use in voice casting projects. ORGANISE VOICE CASTINGS Start searching GDPR compliant voice clips for voice casting propositions. Invite project stakeholders to listen to, and comment on, voice shortlists in secured and private casting environments. DELIVER GDPR SAFE CASTINGS Finalise and deliver GDPR compliant castings to ensure final clients and all stakeholders in the voice production workflow are risk free.

How our GDPR data processing works

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