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designed for audiovisual voice production

Mediartis provides a suite of casting solutions that help professionals cast more efficiently and securely. Integrated GDPR processing of voice samples helps professionals build and maintain trusted relationships with partners and clients. 

Mediartis is the first B2B solution to offer secure identity, consent and access control with built-in authorisation processing of voice data. We help voice production professionals manage and optimise voice databases, and make sure samples used in castings are GDPR-friendly. 

Our solution allows customers to grant third parties access to their data and sensitive and intellectual property in secure and compliant casting environments, without exposing themselves to security, legal and GDPR regulatory risks.

we help optimise your assets & simplify voice sample management

Our cloud provides convenience and security for the end-to-end partner casting process, accelerates time to market, and reduces IT costs. Safeguards ensure that the right people have access to the right data.

Organising castings with multiple types of partners across the world can get complicated. GDPR regulatory personal data challenges can be complex to navigate. We provide a smart solution to navigate the ever changing voice data ecosystem and help clients build and maintain trust with partners.

Voice database GDPR-safe

we're experts in voice data management and privacy

How can Mediartis Help You?

Unleash the power of your voice database with an integrated voice casting engine that optimises voice assets

Accelerate revenue growth by deploying a single solution to manage the GDPR compliancy lifecyle of voice samples

Centralise voice data and facilitate team access and search by tagging your voice assets for efficient castings

Simplify customer and partner access through organisational and guest access authorisation management

Organise and collaborate in secured and private casting cloud environments where samples can’t be transferred or downloaded

Secure voice data and castings with HS256 data encryption, one-time-use access keys with timeout security, and default session timeouts

Be confident your voice samples used for castings are GDPR compliant. Protect final clients and all production stakeholders