Voice Casting Engine

Cloud casting engine

Create awesome castings with teams. Deliver via streaming.

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Your private voice casting cloud

Created by audio post production professionals to make your life easier and save you a lot of time.  Integrated casting engine powered by your own voice samples.

Casting tools for audio databases

Search engine

Powered by your voice samples that are tagged for precision search results.

Casting Edition

Create projects with unlimited actors, roles and samples.

Unlimited audio

Upload medias as often as you want to your private cloud casting database.


Manage multi -zone localisation projects in one  project interface.

Team collaboration

Add members

Cast with internal & external collaborators


View, add & edit team members comments


Rearrange actors & roles order


Keep total control over access authorisations 

User roles team collaboration

Streaming client delivery


Casting link is shared via email & casting is listened to via streaming


Clients get private & revocable access authorisations


No more sending samples by email


Mask actor names & edit sample titles visible to clients
Send voice casting to client
Multilingual localisation voice casting - client view



Unauthorized people cannot access nor view castings


Every media uploaded on the platform is encrypted

No transfers

Medias never leave your cloud— downloads are not possible

GDPR compliance

Only privacy law compliant samples can be added to castings

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Developers GDPR computer screen protection
EU GDPR voice personal data

GDPR Processing

Automated GDPR compliance solution for voice casting databases.

Mediartis Dashboard

We simplify your compliance

Inspire the confidence of existing and potential clients with proof of compliance. Protect your organisation and partners from financial and brand reputation risks. Strengthen your brand image and differentiate your organisation from the competition. 

How does it work?

  • Samples & actor information enter automated compliance workflows when imported to your private cloud

  • Actors are advised their personal data is being processed by your organization and are requested to actively provide consent  (GDPR requires consent to be 100% independent of work contracts) for a limited time period
  • Automated consent renewal requests 
  • Data subjects (actors) access secure and isolated interfaces that lists their personal data your organization is processing (voice samples watermarked for added security) to validate or refuse
  • Validation, refusal, and modification requests are automatically processed/routed 
  • Your production teams create casting projects with GDPR compliant actors & samples (system safeguards don’t allow adding non compliant data)
  • Final projects are delivered via streaming 
  • Real time compliance reporting of individual contacts and medias
  • Dashboard provides 360° vision of cloud activity and database compliance

Mediartis automated compliance workflow (click to enlarge)

Features include: data identification; automated consent solicitation, recording & renewal; modification, rectification and deletion requests; and even the tricky obligation of providing data subject access to their data (isolated from your other data and watermarked for added security)

Actors verify their information and consent to its use in castings 

Actors consent to the use of individual voice samples

Ensure Your Castings are GDPR Compliant

  • Internal production teams and external subcontractors collaborate on your private and secure cloud
  • Only GDPR compliant voice samples can be added to castings as an added safeguard
  • Medias never leave the platform – no transferring or downloads
  • Control your casting environment authorisations and workchain access to ensure castings are compliant
  • Deliver final castings via streaming

Why is voice GDPR compliance important for audiovisual professionals?

Voice is a biometric personal data protected by EU GDPR which imposes strict processing regulations.

Voice samples kept and used for castings are subject to GDPR regulations.

Actor consent for use of their personal data must be 100% independent of work contracts.

GDPR is mandatory for companies working and/or subcontracting in Europe and/or handling EU residents and/or citizens’ data since May 25, 2018.

We recommend visiting the European Commission official website for complete details. 

GDPR Risks

Everyone in the production workchain is responsible for the compliance of a project. One weak link in the chain puts everyone at risk. It is your responsibility to ensure the compliance of your partners.

Financial Risks:

Fines can reach 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). There is also a tiered approach to fines, e.g. a company can be fined 2% for not having their records in order (article 28), not notifying the supervising authority and data subject about a breach, not conducting impact assessment, etc.

Alerts actors that your organisation is processing their voice samples and other personal data

Solicits and records explicit active user consent and consent-renewal

Records, processes and routes data modification requests

Mediartis "Privacy By Design"

Provides reporting and statistics on database GDPR compliance

Provides secure actor access to an isolated interface of their personal data (samples watermarked for added security)

Deletes non-compliant data from your database upon actor request and/or refusal of consent

Provides transparent and accurate data mapping for GDPR audits

Provides real time GDPR compliance status for contacts + voice samples

Secures voice data with top-of-the-line technologies 

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Voice Actor CRM

Streamline casting processes with integrated CRM & voice casting tools

Mediartis Casting search screenshot

360° voice casting database management

Centralise and secure voice samples and voice actor contact information. Empower your team. Produce incredible voice projects while we manage your GDPR.

Manage Actor Profiles & Medias

  • Manage actor profiles: languages, URLs, contact details
  • Upload unlimited audio files
  • GDPR compliance visibility for actors & every media

Centralise & Optimise Voice Assets

  • Teams access pooled voice assets.
  • Search assets by keywords and tags. 
  • Batch tagging tool with customisable tags.
  • Collaborate with internal & external stakeholders directly on your cloud.

Administrative Management

  • Control access authorisations (5 levels)
  • Scalable offers based on number of contact (unlimited medias)
  • Your corporate branding in communications 
  • 7 interface languages

Casting Tools

  • Your samples power your private casting engine
  • Create unlimited casting and roles
  • Deliver final castings to clients directly on your secure cloud

GDPR Compliance Management

  • Dashboards provide 100% visibility of account activity and compliance
  • Automated GDPR workflows triggered by imports of new contacts / medias and profile updates
  • Only compliant contacts and medias can be added to castings

Cloud Security and Privacy

  • All data is encrypted in SSL format. 
  • Encrypted HS256 and unique limited-use keys are generated for accessing accounts
  • Data and media are encrypted during upload and while circulating on the network
  • Data access and media reading is subject to verification of user access authorisations & time limited

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