Automated GDPR compliance solution for voice casting databases

Mediartis voice database GDPR compliance overview

Mediartis automates the GDPR compliance process of voice casting databases.

Complying with privacy regulations can be tricky, especially voice-data (samples), but our casting database management software makes the process much easier with automated digital workflows and alerts.

Voice casting GDPR compliance by Mediartis

Voice is a personal data protected by EU GDPR, as well as many other international data protection legislations, which imposes strict processing regulations. Voice samples kept and used for castings are subject to GDPR regulations.  Actor consent for use of their personal data must be 100% independent of work contracts. GDPR is mandatory for companies working and/or subcontracting in Europe and/or handling EU residents and/or citizens’ data since May 25, 2018. Visit the European Commission official website for complete details.

Mediartis automated compliance workflow
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Mediartis simplifies audio GDPR compliance

  • Actor consent solicitation for all updates 
  • Establishes processing purpose & data conservation duration
  • Consent recording (timestamp)
  • Routing & recording of modification & deletion requests
  • Consent renewal
  • Reminders of data processing
  • Actor access to their personal data
  • Email alerts when organisational actions are necessary

GDPR management tools

  • Dashboard provides visibility of database compliance and account activity
  • Filter medias & actors by GDPR status
  • Safeguards ensure non-compliant assets subject to GDPR are not added to castings
  • Authorisations and workchain access ensure castings are compliant

Actor access to personal data on streaming

  • Permanent secure access to personal data
  • Traditional personal data visibility (name, pseudo, birthday, address, email, telephone…)
  • Voice samples watermarked for added security
  • Possibility to accept or refuse processing of each data
  • Automated routing of modification & deletion requests

Mediartis Advantages

Strengthen brand confidence from existing and potential clients

Use compliance as a marketing & communications tool

Win more proposals by putting forth audio compliance

Set corporate brand apart from the competition in international markets

Casting database enriched thanks to voice actor feedback

Non-pertinent assets and information are deleted and replaced

Actors given the opportunity to control their “image”

Medias are encrypted during upload & while circulating on network. More on security

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