Automated data privacy compliance for dubbing & voiceover resources and projects

Mediartis simplifies legal obligations of talent personal data processing.

Designed for dubbing & voiceover service providers and their clients who receive, store, and share voice data and other traditional personal data, cloud-based Mediartis offers a scalable end-to-end data privacy solution.

Our technology automates the  compliance obligations of voice casting resources and tracks conformity from the moment data is added to the platform through to end client delivery. Innovative project management tools help service providers and end clients collaborate more efficiently and provide real-time visibility of partner compliance.

Automated GDPR Compliance

  • Talent consent solicitation for all updates (including new media)
  • Establishes processing purpose & data conservation duration
  • Consent recording (timestamp)
  • Routing & recording of modification & deletion requests
  • Consent renewal
  • Reminders of data processing
  • Secure talent access to their personal data
  • Email alerts when organisational actions are necessary
  • Personal data encrypted during import and circulation on network

GDPR Management Tools

  • Visibility of database compliance and account activity
  • GDPR status filters for media & talents
  • Safeguards ensure non-compliant assets subject to GDPR are not added to castings
  • Task reminders
  • Automated processing SWITCH
  • User access permissions
  • Reporting

Resource & Project Compliance

  • Assets set “GDPR” cannot be added to projects if non-compliant
  • Projects marked compliant if assets GDPR processed on Mediartis
  • Resources shared with end clients on streaming only
  • Visibility of vendor and partner resource compliance
  • Integrate streamed access to vendor assets in end client projects
  • Data cannot be downloaded or transferred

Talents access to personal data on streaming

  • Permanent isolated & secure access to personal data
  • Traditional personal data visibility (name, pseudo, birthday, address, email, telephone…)
  • Voice samples watermarked for added security
  • Can accept and refuse processing of each data
  • Automated routing of modification & deletion requests
  • Data cannot be downloaded or transferred

Voice is a personal data protected by the EU GDPR, as well as many other international data protection legislations, which imposes strict processing regulations. Voice samples saved and used for castings are subject to GDPR rules. Talent consent of processing their data in casting databases must be 100% independent of work contracts.

Extra-territorial, GDPR introduces the notion of co-responsibility, and a data breach at any step, including non-compliant resources used by your partners, or their subcontractors, puts your organisation at reputation and financial risks. Penalties can reach as high as 20M€ or 4% of your last year’s global revenue.

Visit the European Commission official website for complete details.

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