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You manage voice projects for video games, audiobooks, films, television or advertising? Our tools help you work more efficiently and
deliver incredible final castings that close deals!


Structure & centralise your voice samples & actor database in your private-cloud !  Simple tagging tools help categorise your assets for precision search results. 

Actor CRM helps manage profiles, talent demos, notes, actor contact info, languages, actor URLs, and other details to help optimise your voice projects.


Create unlimited castings and roles from assets in your private media library that power your private voice talent search engine

Invite and collaborate with internal & external team members to specific projects and control project access and action authorisations.


Automated GDPR compliance workflows accompany your organisation in rendering your casting database compliant.

Platform safeguards ensure only compliant voice samples can be added to castings. 

Deliver GDPR compliant castings to clients via streaming. Protect your organisation & clients from non-compliance risks.

audiovisual production

The audiovisual industry is in a period of perpetual transformation following the explosion of OTT offers. Evolving at the speed of light in order to meet worldwide demand of localised language of content, the industry depends more and more on local production companies and studios. Voice samples and demos circulate between different partners, from top studio producers to local artistic directors during the different stages of castings. In workflows like these, how can companies comply with regulatory guidelines concerning personal data, knowing the primary producer is responsible for the entire production chain and must ensure that all voice samples used are GDPR conform? Restructuring the entire production workflow with an integrated solution is the only answer! Mediartis simplifies every stage of castings, helping you stay GDPR compliant and deleting all the non-secure samples to protect you from GDPR risks. 


Business France predicts the European video game industry will reach €107B by 2020.  In 2018, the industry generated record revenues of £5.11B in the UK and €4.9B in France (+ 15% YTY), where 80% of video game production is destined for export. European voice professionals are in high demand for language localisation in what has become one of the strongest voice production segments worldwide. Mediartis proposes cloud data storage, in an ultra-secure environment that keeps your audio safe, ensuring it doesn’t leave your cloud during exchanges taking place during castings. Your data remains completely confidential. This solution protects you from regulatory risks relating to non-compliancy practices of subcontractors in their personal data management.

Gaming and voice data GDPR compliance


Global demand for audiobooks continues to grow. Audiobook revenues in the US alone, are estimated to have reached $2.5B in 2017. With 18% of consumers reporting they listen to audiobooks, it’s no surprise publishers are rushing to release audio narrations as soon as print copies are published (Audiobooks Publishers Association).  For this specific industry, it’s imperative to find the shining pearl capable of captivating audiences for such long lengths of time, the casting is critical. Mediartis provides a solution to easily master the complexities involved in managing artists personal data and their samples. We offer innovative casting tools, categorisation and structuration of your voice database to help boost your efficiency and you save time. 

GDPR and Voice Samples

GDPR requires that voice actors provide active consent for any utilisation of their voice samples, other than the use defined contractually and for that defined period.

Can you guarantee 100% that all voices in your possession, including the ones you receive daily from hopeful candidates, are registered, monitored, accessible, trackable, secured, not subject to consent renewal,  and currently authorised to be used for castings?

GDPR Obligations

GDPR compliance is mandatory for the entire voice casting production workflow.  You must ensure that everyone involved has acted in compliance with GDPR. 

One weak link, subcontractors included, using non-compliant voice samples, puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

Cloud Voice Database

Centralising voice data on Mediartis provides team members with quick and secured access to your pooled voice resources. Categorisation permits quick filtering and easier access to data assets.

Multilevel access authorisations keep you in control of who accesses what. Top of the line security measures keep your voice data private and secured.

Voice Casting Engine

Powered by your voice database. Optimised with data tagging so your teams quickly find pertinent candidate samples and spend less time on casting searches.  

Your teams organise castings by curating voice shortlists with your search engine that only allows compliant samples to be included. They invite stakeholders to collaborate in private and secured casting environments on your cloud.

Mediartis: Everything you need to optimise your voice data and provide GDPR-Friendly castings

Cloud based voice data solutions for all professionals working with voice samples. GDPR compliance processing is included.

ADR and Dubbing Professionals

ADR & Dubbing



Dubbing production pros are in high demand and are on track to get even busier with global audiences demanding localised content. Workloads have tripled and studios struggle to keep up with tighter delivery windows.

With so many projects, it can be challenging keeping up with privacy data laws in different territories. We’ve created casting tools & GDPR compliance workflows to help you keep up!

project management

Centralised & tagged dubbing samples simplify voice searches.

Your samples power your personalised search engine

Create unlimited castings and roles

Control project confidentiality with access authorisations

Deliver final dubbing castings via streaming (actor names masked)

dubbing actor crm

Upload your dubbing actor database to your private cloud

Actor profiles to centralise contact info, languages, URLs, notes & media libraries, etc; for each actor

Upload unlimited samples 

Customisable tags for optimising dubbing searches

compliant dubbing projects

Automated compliance workflows for imported voice assets

Only compliant demos & actors can be added to castings

No more sending voice samples by email

Live time compliance reporting

Protects your studio, your clients and your reputation

What is GDPR and how does it apply to dubbing projects?

Voice is considered a biometric personal data and protected by legislation in many countries worldwide.

Data privacy laws are often based on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which imposes strict obligations for storing and processing personal data. 

GDPR applies to companies operating and/or subcontracting in the EU, who are storing, processing and/or sharing personal data. 

Some obligations include: identification, security, solicitation of consent of use 100% independent of work contracts, consent recording & renewal, processing of modification, rectification, and deletion requests, dubbing actors accessibility to personal data upon request…

Everyone involved in a dubbing project is responsible for ensuring their own GDPR compliance along with that of their partners. 

One weak link –  subcontractors included – not processing voice data in compliance with GDPR puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines, up to €20M or 4% of global revenues

we simplify your casting database compliance

Ensure the compliance of your organisation – Your clients count on it


While there are a couple of international dubbing groups with studios worldwide, most companies subcontract post-production studios in each territory to manage localised dubbing logistics for projects.

Often, contracted local studios will then contract voice directors.

Voice samples are then shared between the entire productino chain (from voice director to final client) and often saved for future projects.

Unfortunately, most of the saved recordings are not processed respecting privacy laws. 

localised content

Voice actor specifications vary drastically from project to project.

Established dubbing studios and voice directors have elaborate voice databases.

Most DPOs and legal departments are unaware these personal data collection risks even exist in their organisations.

GDPR voice sample processing


All-in-one voice casting suite for agencies

Create – Collaborate – Deliver via Streaming

reimagined voice casting tools with integrated gdpr compliance workflows

Can you ensure the GDPR compliance of your voice casting database? And those castings you outsourced?

Audio advertising expenditure is forecasted to reach US$31.7B by 2020 (statista) and voice over professionals have never been in higher demand. Many companies are expanding brand reach in new markets with fully localised audio ads. The language services market is expected to reach US$56.18B by 2021, due in large part to projected foreign audio voice over production.

voice samples & gdpr

European GDPR, in effect since May 25th 2018, has imposed a number of legal obligations if storing & processing personal data such as voice recordings.

Advertising, communication, and digital agencies providing voice production services need to guarantee the voice projects they deliver clients are compliant.

One weak link, subcontractors included, puts the final client and all project stakeholders at risk of fines up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

database optimisation

Consumers engage best with localised and experiential advertising, and in today’s digital age, the challenge of holding listeners interest long enough for a message to be heard is fierce. 

In order to keep an audience’s attention, voice producers count on emotional draw, playing on the sex, voice tone and characteristics of a voice performer. 

In order to maximise engagement and impact, finding the right voice is crucial.

VOICE casting database

Your agency’s voice casting database is priceless, it sets you apart from competition. 

It’s critical to protect your voice assets with solid GDPR compliance framework and processes that ensure production teams are not putting your agency at risk. 

Mediartis simplifies your voice sample GDPR processing and accompanies you in your compliance.

Voice Asset Optimisation

Managing so many voice samples can be difficult and finding the perfect one to pitch to your client can be time consuming.

How doe your organisation organise voice assets? Are clips centralised and accessible to all team members? Tagged for precision search filtering?

Our casting tools help you work more efficiently and find what you need fast!

agency voice casting tools.

We provide cloud based voice data solutions for all professionals working with voice samples. GDPR compliance processing is included.

simplified gdpr compliance

Mandatory for all players in voice production, GDPR imposes specific processing guidelines of all personal data, voice samples included. 

Mediartis begins rendering your voice samples GDPR-friendly with automated workflows once they’re uploaded to your private cloud. 

We solicit consent requests, provide active consent processing, manage and route modification and deletion requests from actors, provide safe & secure access to data… and much more. 


GDPR safe Casting

Active consent for usage of every personal data element means you need this for every voice sample used for casting. 

Mediartis provides private and secure casting environments to organise and collaborate with clients.

Final clients access secure castings on your cloud. Voice clips never leave your cloud and cannot be transferred, to protect your assets and confidentiality.

Cloud Voice Database

Centralising voice data on Mediartis helps your team work more efficiently. Pooling agency data assets provides agency-wide access with authorised levels controlled by you. 

Cloud centralisation protects your data and castings in a secured environment, making sure voice exchanges remain confidential and only accessible to those that authorised team members invite for collaboration. 

Top of the line security measures keeps your casting private and secure.

Voice Casting Engine

Powered by your voice database. Optimised with data tagging so your teams spend less time on casting searches. Protect you agency by ensuring your team can only include samples that have been GDPR processed and are “safe” to use for castings.  Your team organises castings by curating voice shortlists with your search engine, then invites stakeholders to collaborate on castings in private and secured environments on your cloud.

Artistic Agents

voice sample solutions for Talent Agents and Agencies

Provide Safe Voice Samples to Producers and Casting Directors

Mediartis helps you optimise & secure Voice Samples

Boost Agency Efficiency

Whether you’re an independent talent agent, a voice talent or casting agency, operating in Europe, working with European clients, or European voices, you’ve been directly impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation that protects voice personal data, in effect since May 25th, 2018.

EU and Voice Data

GDPR imposes strict legal obligations for handling voice data. Obligations include actor authorisation for processing and sharing with third parties, storage security, providing data access upon actor request, processing modifications, rectifications, and deletion of voice data.

Every time you modify your casting database, including adding new samples,  actor consent needs to be provided, and renewed on a regular basis.

Sharing Voice Samples

Your voice sample database probably rivals the British Library in terms of assets. There’s a good chance you have elaborate collections of voice clips on hand for every single one of your talents. Are they all GDPR compliant? 

How are you currently sharing voice samples with producers, casting directors, advertising agencies, large production companies, studios, editors, and publishers? Are you sure you’re not putting project stakeholders at risk? Mediartis proposes a simple solution that renders your handling and sharing of voice samples GDPR compliant. Learn more about our GDPR Processing. 

Optimising Voice Assets

How are you organising talent voice clips? If you’re an agency, are you centralising and pooling your assets? Do your colleagues have secured access? Are your samples optimised and does your voice sample database allow for precise search filtering? 

Do you know which samples are GDPR compliant for use and safe to share with those in charge of castings? The Mediartis Cloud Voice Database can help you work more efficiently and keep casting stakeholders risk free! 

Mediartis: Everything you need to optimise your voice database

Cloud based voice asset solutions for professionals working with voice samples. GDPR compliance processing is included.

GDPR and Voice Samples

GDPR compliance is mandatory for the entire workflow chain of voice casting production. 

One weak link, subcontractors, talent agents and agencies included, puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

GDPR Obligations

GDPR imposes clear and strict guidelines for storing and handling personal data, voice samples included.  

Obligations include explicit, active, and trackable consent for every element, identification, providing access, security, respecting modification and deletion requests…

Cloud Voice Database

Centralise and tag voice samples to quickly locate the clips you need when you need them. 

Mediartis begins GDPR compliance processing as soon as samples are uploaded to your cloud. Real time compliance reporting lets you know which clips are GDPR safe.

safe sample "sharing"

Curate talent showcases with GDPR compliant voice clips. Provide casting teams access to your secure cloud. 

Here they can listen to your sample selection and collaborate. By providing risk free access to your talents’ samples, you protect yourself and all project stakeholders. 

Supplier voice data compliance

Digital publishers

All-in-One Voice Database Solution for Digital Publishers

Managing Your Voice Data Has Never Been Easier

Voice Sample Management & Casting Tools for Digital Publishers

Mediartis renders your voice-over clips GDPR compliant for “safe” castings

Digital publishing has exploded with the digitalisation of media content. Agencies are challenging the traditional models of the big studios. Global demand for online video continues to increase and Cisco predicts that video will be 80% of web content by 2021.

In 2018, leading European digital industry revenues reached US$1,237M in the UK, US$812M in Germany, and US$733M in France. Over the same period, digital publishing in the United States grew to nearly US$18B, or almost US$79 per capita (Statista).

Companies are racing to increase global market reach with multi-language audio production with foreign voice over and dubbing.  E-learning, corporate videos, web TV, digital audio advertising, and document accessibility services, such as insurance and healthcare guidebooks have driven voice demand to an all-time high.

Voice production service providers have extensive voice databases to find the “perfect voice” for any project. Management of so much voice data can get complicated.  Voice databases are often under-optimised, resulting in wasted time searching for voice reels. Mediartis provides a comprehensive cloud voice database management solution to help you work more efficiently. Europe accounts for about half of the global languages services market (Statista 2019). Voice production vendors and contractors are challenged with regulatory EU GDPR voice processing logistics. As most digital publishers outsource studios, sound engineers, and other professionals in local markets for “localised” voicing, they are faced with the risk that partners may not be using GDPR compliant voice samples.

Digital Publishers and Voice Data GDPR Compliance

EU GDPR, in effect since May 25, 2018, enforces strict personal data processing laws that impose very specific handling and processing of voice samples. In order to guarantee GDPR compliant castings that ensure that final clients and stakeholders are risk free, companies must be able to confirm compliance of everyone in the workflow.

GDPR applies to who?

GDPR compliant voice processing concerns every stakeholder involved in voice production workflows if any of the participants are operating in Europe (final clients, independent contractors, subcontractors, production houses, etc.), or handling voice data (ie voice reels used for castings) belonging to a European citizen.    

Risks of non-compliancy?

Fines for non-compliance can reach €20M or 4% of global revenues, so it’s a good idea to make sure your casting production team and partners are compliant. One break in the chain puts all workflow participants at risk.

Mediartis provides cloud-based voice data solutions for all professionals working with voice samples.

GDPR compliance processing is included.

Unleash the power of your voice database with an integrated voice casting engine that optimises your voice assets.

Accelerate revenue growth by deploying a single solution to manage the GDPR compliant lifecyle of customer identity, consent, exactitude and autorisation.

Centralise your voice data and facilitate and control access authorisations to voice actor samples.

Simplify team, customer and partner access through secured and private organisational access management.

Organise castings with collaborators in secured and private casting cloud environments. Your samples are secured and cannot be transferred or downloaded.

Secure cloud voice data management and casting environments with HS256 data encryption, one-time-use access keys with timeout security, & default session timeouts.

Medias secured and encrypted with unique keys, and cipher block chaining encryption (strongest available). As an additional security, the key itself is encrypted by a master key that changes continually.

Ensure GDPR-friendly castings to keep final clients and all voice production stakeholders risk free.

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