Voice Sample Management Suite for Dubbing and ADR Professionals

GDPR Safe Casting Has Never Been Easier

Localisation of dubbing and ADR is a rapidly growing industry. Dubbing and voice over artists are in high demand as worldwide audiences expect content in their native languages to be released simultaneously with original language source releases. Workloads have tripled and studios struggle to keep up with tighter delivery windows. 

Entertainment Industry

While there are a few multinational groups with dubbing studios worldwide, most companies in the entertainment industry contract post-production studios and voice service freelancers in each territory to manage localised language dubbing logistics for films and TV series. Most studios are staffed with dubbing producers and artistic directors to manage projects.

ADR and CGI Dubbing

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR), popular for computer-generated imagery (CGI), is used in video games, films, television programs, shorts, simulators, commercials, videos, and computer animation. This content also requires contracting localised dubbing and revoicing providers to manage voice production logistics. 

Localised Voice Services

Voice actor specifications vary drastically from project to project. Most dubbing studios and independent freelancers have elaborate voice databases. Often sharing up to 3 or 4 voice clips per role to present actors in different roles and to shortlist candidates, samples are shared via email or data transfer services. 

Voice Samples & GDPR

While this form of voice sample exchanges may be acceptable in many countries and regions, EU GDPR, effective since May 25, 2018, does not allow for “loose” sharing of voice personal data. GDPR requires explicit consent for the storage and use of voice samples. It also imposes very specific storing, sharing, and usage policies.

What is GDPR and Who does it Apply to?

If your company is operating in the EU, contracts service providers in the EU, and/or is processing personal data of European residents (using, storing, sharing voice samples), you have a legal obligation to:

(a) handle and process the voice samples in accordance with GDPR

(b) be capable of ensuring contractors are GDPR compliant

One weak link –  subcontractors included – not processing voice data in compliance with GDPR puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines, up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

Mediartis: ALL-IN-ONE solution for voice database management

Cloud based voice casting solutions for discerning audiovisual professionals working with voices. GDPR compliance processing is included.

Cloud Voice Database

Centralise your voice clips for easier team access. Manual tagging, or batch tagging via AI technologies help optimise your voice database. 

Localise pertinent candidate voice clips within seconds, and  render casting teams more efficient.  

Top of the line security measures keep your data private and secure.

Voice Casting Engine

Powered by your voice database, the engine only allow GDPR compliant samples to be proposed in castings for  final clients, keeping you and them safe. 

Casting logistics take place on the secured and private cloud. Stakeholders are accorded temporary and limited access to the casting stage. 

Samples cannot be transferred or downloaded to protect your data. 

GDPR processing

Mediartis solutions provide casting integrity for the final client and all stakeholders in the production chain. GDPR compliance processing begins when samples are uploaded to your cloud. 

Live time compliance reporting keeps your team informed of assets status. 

We take care of the entire process, keeping you free to do what you do best!