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Everything agencies need to optimise voice assets and provide GDPR compliant voice castings

Audio advertising expenditure is forecasted to reach US$31.7B by 2020 (statista) and voice over professionals have never been in higher demand. Many companies are expanding brand reach in new markets with fully localised audio ads. The language services market is expected to reach US$56.18B by 2021, due in large part to projected foreign audio voice over production.

agencies & voice data

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, in effect since May 25th, 2018, has shaken up traditional usage and handling of personal data.

Advertising, communication, and digital agencies providing voice production services have had to rethink and restructure agency organisational and processing of data used every single day.

Agencies must ensure everyone involved is GDPR conform.  One weak link, subcontractors included, puts the final client and all voice casting stakeholders at risk of fines up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

Experiential Advertising

Consumers engage best with localised and experiential advertising, and in today’s digital age, the challenge of holding listeners interest long enough for a message to be heard is fierce. 

In order to keep an audience’s attention, voice producers count on emotional draw, playing on the sex, voice tone and characteristics of a voice performer. 

In order to maximise engagement and impact, finding the right voice is crucial.

Agency Voice Databases

The quest to cast “perfect voices” is ongoing. Agency voice asset databases are priceless, the fruit of long searches and hard work. 

It’s important to remember that if your agency and/or subcontractors are located in the EU, working with European voices, or operating in Europe, it’s imperative the samples you’re using, sharing, and storing are GDPR compliant

Mediartis simplifies agency GDPR processing and helps render your samples compliant with a cloud based solution.

Voice Asset Optimisation

Managing so many voice reels can be difficult as they’re often unorganised, stored on individual computers and not accessible by everyone in the agency. How is your agency organising voice assets? Are clips organisationally centralised and accessible to all team members? Tagged for precision search filtering? Mediartis Cloud Voice Database helps boost agency efficiency through optimisation of voice assets.

Mediartis: we can make your voice data gdpr-friendly

We provide cloud based voice data solutions for all professionals working with voice samples. GDPR compliance processing is included.

GDPR and Voice Samples

Mandatory for all players in voice production workflows, GDPR imposes specific processing guidelines of all personal data, voice samples included. 

Mediartis begins rendering your voice samples GDPR-friendly the moment they’re uploaded to your cloud. 

We solicit consent requests, provide active consent processing,  manage and route modification and deletion requests for every data element, provide safe & secure access to data, map and record processing… and much more. 


GDPR safe Casting

Active consent for usage of every personal data element means you need this for every voice sample used for casting. 

Mediartis provides private and secure casting environments to organise and collaborate with clients.

Final clients access secure castings on your cloud. Voice clips never leave your cloud and cannot be transferred, to protect your assets and confidentiality.

Cloud Voice Database

Centralising voice data on Mediartis helps your team work more efficiently. Pooling agency data assets provides agency-wide access with authorised levels controlled by you. 

Cloud centralisation protects your data and castings in a secured environment, making sure voice exchanges remain confidential and only accessible to those that authorised team members invite for collaboration. 

Top of the line security measures keeps your casting private and secure.

Voice Casting Engine

Powered by your voice database. Optimised with data tagging so your teams spend less time on casting searches. Protect you agency by ensuring your team can only include samples that have been GDPR processed and are “safe” to use for castings.  Your team organises castings by curating voice shortlists with your search engine, then invites stakeholders to collaborate on castings in private and secured environments on your cloud.