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Voice Databases and Casting : 3 solutions to optimise and manage voice data confidentiality, security and GDPR compliance!


Mediartis transforms your voice data into a structured, practical and pertinent private-cloud database that meets the needs of voice producers working in film, television, advertising, video games, audiobooks, etc. In a global market where audiences expect localised language content to be released simultaneously with language source content, this solution helps you prove your agility by providing larger volumes of high-quality finished voice products with significantly shorter turnaround times than ever before.


To manage the challenges GDPR brings concerning voice personal data processing, Mediartis offers an automated GDPR processing solution that enders your data linked to voice actors and their voice samples conform. Your cloud integrated casting engine only allows GDPR compliant samples to be included in castings, to make sure you, partners and clients are protected. 


Data confidentiality is ensured for the entire production chain with private, secured and controlled access keys. These keys are need to access the production database or specific casting projects. This solution helps companies to respect the GDPR regulatory framework and protect the circulation of sensitive data from subcontractors, artistic and casting directors, final clients, studios and everyone else.

Mediartis optimises and secures your voice database, provides solutions to GDPR voice data processing challenges, and offers practical tools for sharing information while restricting the circulation of your data 

audiovisual production

The audiovisual industry is in a period of perpetual transformation following the explosion of OTT offers. Evolving at the speed of light in order to meet worldwide demand of localised language of content, the industry depends more and more on local production companies and studios. Voice samples and demos circulate between different partners, from top studio producers to local artistic directors during the different stages of castings. In workflows like these, how can companies comply with regulatory guidelines concerning personal data, knowing the primary producer is responsible for the entire production chain and must ensure that all voice samples used are GDPR conform? Restructuring the entire production workflow with an integrated solution is the only answer! Mediartis simplifies every stage of castings, helping you stay GDPR compliant and deleting all the non-secure samples to protect you from GDPR risks. 


Business France predicts the European video game industry will reach €107B by 2020.  In 2018, the industry generated record revenues of £5.11B in the UK and €4.9B in France (+ 15% YTY), where 80% of video game production is destined for export. European voice professionals are in high demand for language localisation in what has become one of the strongest voice production segments worldwide. Mediartis proposes cloud data storage, in an ultra-secure environment that keeps your audio safe, ensuring it doesn’t leave your cloud during exchanges taking place during castings. Your data remains completely confidential. This solution protects you from regulatory risks relating to non-compliancy practices of subcontractors in their personal data management.


Global demand for audiobooks continues to grow. Audiobook revenues in the US alone, are estimated to have reached $2.5B in 2017. With 18% of consumers reporting they listen to audiobooks, it’s no surprise publishers are rushing to release audio narrations as soon as print copies are published (Audiobooks Publishers Association).  For this specific industry, it’s imperative to find the shining pearl capable of captivating audiences for such long lengths of time, the casting is critical. Mediartis provides a solution to easily master the complexities involved in managing artists personal data and their samples. We offer innovative casting tools, categorisation and structuration of your voice database to help boost your efficiency and you save time. 

GDPR and Voice Samples

GDPR requires that voice actors provide active consent for any utilisation of their voice samples, other than the use defined contractually and for that defined period.

Can you guarantee 100% that all voices in your possession, including the ones you receive daily from hopeful candidates, are registered, monitored, accessible, trackable, secured, not subject to consent renewal,  and currently authorised to be used for castings?

GDPR Obligations

GDPR compliance is mandatory for the entire voice casting production workflow.  You must ensure that everyone involved has acted in compliance with GDPR. 

One weak link, subcontractors included, using non-compliant voice samples, puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

Cloud Voice Database

Centralising voice data on Mediartis provides team members with quick and secured access to your pooled voice resources. Categorisation permits quick filtering and easier access to data assets.

Multilevel access authorisations keep you in control of who accesses what. Top of the line security measures keep your voice data private and secured.

Voice Casting Engine

Powered by your voice database. Optimised with data tagging so your teams quickly find pertinent candidate samples and spend less time on casting searches.  

Your teams organise castings by curating voice shortlists with your search engine that only allows compliant samples to be included. They invite stakeholders to collaborate in private and secured casting environments on your cloud.

Mediartis: Everything you need to optimise your voice data and provide GDPR-Friendly castings

Cloud based voice data solutions for all professionals working with voice samples. GDPR compliance processing is included.