Voice actors: Mediartis gives you access to your audio samples

Voice, a personal data (un)like another

Whether you’re a dubbing actor, voice-over actor specialised in advertising, video games, documentaries or audiobooks, Mediartis is dedicated to protecting your voice. Your voice is your working tool, but it’s also personal, just like your fingerprints or your DNA. As a voice professional, what does this mean for you?

This means that everyone who stores samples of your voice needs your authorisation to continue using them, to specify for what use, and for how long. EU GDPR imposes specific guidelines that must be followed by individuals and companies when it comes to your personal data. Casting professionals need to adhere to a strict set of usage and processing rules that enforce your personal data rights.

You think your agreement is obvious because you’re the one who sent them your samples? Indeed, this is true for some of your voice data. For others it’s not as cut and dry. Sometimes producers, artistic director and studios themselves, are the ones storing samples from previous production projects you’ve done with them. They do this in order to have your voice references on-hand.

Mediartis, a platform that gives you access to you data

Concretely, you have the right to know who is holding and using every one of your voice samples. The individuals and companies using your clips have a legal obligation to be transparent in their handling of your data. It offers you access to a rich source of information and gives you control of your artistic reputation. Mediartis is the intermediary between you and producers,  we help make sure your data protection rights are enforced.

How does it work?

  • When an organisation owning information about you chooses to manage their voice data with Mediartis, you are automatically notified via the email adress you provided them.
  • Mediartis provides you, by email, a link that allows you to view all personal data an individual or company has concerning you, including all audio extracts, every 2 years.
  • You connect to the platform and grant consent or refusal for them to use each and every element in their castings.
  • You can request the modification or the suppression of some of these data, for example, if they’re too old or inaccurate.
  • You can refuse to have the company hold your data and it will be deleted.

With Mediartis, you are the master of your voice data and the active partner of production companies

Voice actors rights according to GDPR

Right to information and access to data, you can know who has your data and which data are being processed

Right to the deletion of your data or right to be forgotten: change of voice, occupation, unrepresentative sample, etc

Right to rectification of your data, for example, if some were inaccurate or incomplete

Right to limit the processing of your data, so that only the necessary data are collected

Right to portability of your data, within the copyright limit that producers and others may have

For more information on your rights, we invite you to visit the ICO website