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Whether you’re an independent talent agent, a voice talent or casting agency, operating in Europe, working with European clients, or European voices, you’ve been directly impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation that protects voice personal data, in effect since May 25th, 2018.

EU and Voice Data

GDPR imposes strict legal obligations for handling voice data. Obligations include actor authorisation for processing and sharing with third parties, storage security, providing data access upon actor request, processing modifications, rectifications, and deletion of voice data.

Every time you modify your casting database, including adding new samples,  actor consent needs to be provided, and renewed on a regular basis.

Sharing Voice Samples

Your voice sample database probably rivals the British Library in terms of assets. There’s a good chance you have elaborate collections of voice clips on hand for every single one of your talents. Are they all GDPR compliant? 

How are you currently sharing voice samples with producers, casting directors, advertising agencies, large production companies, studios, editors, and publishers? Are you sure you’re not putting project stakeholders at risk? Mediartis proposes a simple solution that renders your handling and sharing of voice samples GDPR compliant. Learn more about our GDPR Processing. 

Optimising Voice Assets

How are you organising talent voice clips? If you’re an agency, are you centralising and pooling your assets? Do your colleagues have secured access? Are your samples optimised and does your voice sample database allow for precise search filtering? 

Do you know which samples are GDPR compliant for use and safe to share with those in charge of castings? The Mediartis Cloud Voice Database can help you work more efficiently and keep casting stakeholders risk free! 

Mediartis: Everything you need to optimise your voice database

Cloud based voice asset solutions for professionals working with voice samples. GDPR compliance processing is included.

GDPR and Voice Samples

GDPR compliance is mandatory for the entire workflow chain of voice casting production. 

One weak link, subcontractors, talent agents and agencies included, puts the final client and all casting stakeholders at risk of fines up to €20M or 4% of global revenues.

GDPR Obligations

GDPR imposes clear and strict guidelines for storing and handling personal data, voice samples included.  

Obligations include explicit, active, and trackable consent for every element, identification, providing access, security, respecting modification and deletion requests…

Cloud Voice Database

Centralise and tag voice samples to quickly locate the clips you need when you need them. 

Mediartis begins GDPR compliance processing as soon as samples are uploaded to your cloud. Real time compliance reporting lets you know which clips are GDPR safe.

safe sample "sharing"

Curate talent showcases with GDPR compliant voice clips. Provide casting teams access to your secure cloud. 

Here they can listen to your sample selection and collaborate. By providing risk free access to your talents’ samples, you protect yourself and all project stakeholders.