Media & Entertainment: Privacy Hotspots

Since the arrival of the European GDPR and other worldwide data protection legislations, most organizations with global activities have implemented privacy policies for services such as marketing, sales, human resources and IT.

Production, however, is often overlooked in privacy strategies. This gap is critical because of the high volumes of PII that is regularly collected, processed and shared, both intra-organizational and across borders.

With an objective of increasing industry awareness around this urgent subject, we’ve teamed up with Convergent Risks, a leader of governance, risk and compliance services in the media and entertainment sector, to bring you this white paper that dives into privacy risks in these areas:

  • Remote and cloud / apps
  • Freelancer PII
  • Intra-organisational dataflows
  • Vendor privacy compliance
  • Biometric data
  • AI vs privacy
Download our white paper "Privacy Hotspots in M&E"