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the ultimate Cloud Voice CASTING ENGINE

Unleash the power of your voice database with a private, powerful and personalised casting engine

Powered by your own voice samples. Optimised with tagging for efficient casting.

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your voice samples power your private casting engine

Ensure your castings are GDPR-friendly and managed in a controlled environment.  Keep your castings and reputation clean – your partners and clients count on your conformity.

Create Voice Castings

  • Create castings with your organisations’ pooled samples 
  • Unlimited casting projects
  • Unlimited roles
  • Edit sample names for different projects

Collaborative Castings

  • Cast with internal team & external stakeholders
  • Collaborate on private casting projects
  • Participants can comment on propositions

Casting GDPR Integrity

  • Only GDPR compliant samples added to castings
  • No more sending voice samples for casting validation
  • Invite clients to validate castings in secure casting cloud rooms

Controlled Environment

  • Control action authorisations 
  • Medias are encrypted on the platform
  • Medias never leave your workspace
  • No transfers or downloads possible

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EU GDPR voice personal data

GDPR Processing

mediartis takes the hassle out of voice sample gdpr compliance

Your production stakeholders count on your compliance. Are you ready?

Upload your voice sample casting database. We’ll take care of the GDPR details. 

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protect final clients and yourself with gdpr-friendly castings

We help you establish a solid legal basis for processing actors personal data. Adding a clause or annex to work contracts isn’t sufficient – the EU considers this a subordinate relation.  

Keep voice samples GDPR clean with Mediartis

  • We manage: data identification and mapping; consent solicitation, recording & renewal; modification, rectification and deletion requests; and even the tricky and complex obligation of providing data subject access to their data (isolated from your other data and watermarked for added security).
  • Personal data enters workflow within 24 hours after you import to your private cloud.
  • Real time reporting of individual contact and media compliance.
  • Dashboard reporting provides a 360° vision of cloud activity and database compliancy.

Ensure Your Castings are GDPR Compliant

  • Internal production teams and external subcontractors collaborate on castings directly on your private and secure cloud.
  • Only GDPR compliant voice samples can be added to castings as an added safeguard.
  • Your medias never leave the platform – no transferring or downloads possible. 
  • Control your casting environment authorisations and workchain access to ensure your delivered castings are compliant.  
  • Deliver final castings by inviting your clients to your private casting cloud.

Why GDPR compliancy does matter to audiovisual professionals

Voice samples are considered sensitive personal data and are subject to complex compliance regulations.

GDPR regulates the holding and processing of personal data and respecting EU GDPR is mandatory for companies working and/or subcontracting in Europe and/or handling EU citizens’ data since May 25, 2018.

Regulatory obligations apply to voice processing by publishers, producers, ADR & dubbing professionals, digital publishers, advertising agencies, and anyone else handling voice samples.

GDPR risks

Companies, subcontractors and final clients can be fined for non-compliance

Fines as high as 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). There is a tiered approach to fines e.g. a company can be fined 2% for not having their records in order (article 28), not notifying the supervising authority and data subject about a breach or not conducting impact assessment.

Mediartis "Privacy By Design" GDPR Solution:

Alerts data subject that your company is holding and processing their voice samples and other personal data

Solicits and records explicit active user consent and consent-renewal

Records, processes and routes data modification requests

Provides reporting and statistics on GDPR compliancy of your voice data assets

Provides direct secured access to data subjects’ isolated data – watermarked for added security

Deletes data in client cloud voice databases upon user request and/or refusal of consent

Provides transparent and accurate data mapping for GDPR auditing

Provides real time GDPR compliance status for contacts + voice samples

Secures voice data with top-of-the-line technologies 

What are your GDPR obligations?

Active Consent

Rules concerning GDPR compliant consent are tighter than every. Illegible terms of use masking consent terms are no longer acceptable.  

Clearly worded, easy-to-understand, explicit consent requests that require active confirmation is what GDPR wants to see. 

Trackability and duration of consent is also enforced. The request for consent must be given in an intelligible and easily accessible form, with the purpose for data processing attached to that consent.

Right to Access

GDPR exists to protect data subjects, and arms them with strictly enforced rights concerning their personal data. 

They have the right  to know who is holding their personal data, what personal data is being held specifically, for what reason, how it’s protected and being secured. 

They also have the right to access all the personal data a company is holding and using. Controllers must provide a copy of the personal data, free of charge, in an electronic format.

Right to be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten entitles data subjects to demand data controllers erase all personal data from all organisational supports. 

Obligations include stopping any further dissemination of their data, and potentially have third parties cease processing of the data.

Excellent internal communication between organisational services is critical for respecting this obligation. Centralising GDPR processing and recording is imperative. 

Data Portability

GDPR introduced data portability: a data subject’s right to receive the personal data a company holds concerning them. 

Companies must be able to provide “machine readable formats” of every element of data they possess concerning each data subject. 

Being capable of providing access to have a global overview of subject data is important. Allowing consent for specific elements helps protect the integrity of assets. 

Privacy by Design

Privacy by design calls for the inclusion of data protection from the start of the system designs, rather than an added functionality. 

More specifically, “the controller shall… implement appropriate technical and organisational measures… in an effective way… in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation and protect the rights of data subjects”.

While not every company planned ahead for GDPR, it’s urgent to adapt and get the necessary tools in place asap.

GDPR obligations concerning the handling and processing of personal data are many. We recommend visiting the European Commission official website for complete details. Following is an overview of data subjects’ personal rights enforced by the GDPR. If you have questions concerning internal data handling processes and policies in your company, we strongly recommend contacting a data protection consultant or running a data protection audit.


Cloud voice database

All-in-One Cloud Voice Database Management

Everything you need to optimise your voice casting database and render samples GDPR-friendly for castings

Centralise and secure voice samples. Empower casting teams. Produce incredible voice projects while we manage your GDPR.

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Where the power of Your Voice assets is unleashed

Secure and private cloud environments with cool casting tools 

Cloud Centralised Voice Data

Boost casting team performance by pooling voice samples and providing secured and private cloud access. 

Control access authorisations and secure your castings. 

GDPR compliancy processing begins as soon as new contacts and voice  samples are uploaded to your cloud. 

Measure, analyse and improve database performance through a centralised voice data taxonomy.


Optimise & Structure Voice Samples

Uploaded audio samples can be tagged to optimise voice search engine results and help teams cast more efficiently. 

Your voice database powers your cloud search and casting engine. 

Mediartis is beta testing a proprietary tool for tagging audio samples uploaded in batches to your voice cloud. Stay tuned!  

Provide GDPR Casting Integrity

Our GDPR Cloud Casting Solution provides secure and private casting environments for collaboration with In-house and external casting stakeholders. 

Only GDPR compliant samples can be added to castings on Mediartis, to protect you, final clients and collaborators. 

As fines for non-compliancy can reach up to €20m or 4% of global revenues, this safeguard is critical. Learn more about about how Mediartis helps render your voice data GDPR compliant

Control Your Data

Mediartis never uses, shares, processes or analyses clients’ data for any other purpose than actions specified in our CGUs. Your data remains in your control at ALL times.

Our cloud environments are strictly secured, private, and designed to protect your personal data.

Voice samples and casting projects are secured in your cloud and cannot be downloaded or transferred.

Track Data Lineage and Access

We provide complete transparency of data lineage, where the data are stored, and client access possibilities. Only account owners and those they accord authorisation can provide access to your cloud. 

Account administrators can attribute, and revoke at any time, access to your organisation’s account.

In order to grant consent to an organisations processing of their data, voice actors have access to their personal data in secured, private and isolated personal spaces.

Voice samples presented to actors for GDPR processing are watermarked for added security.

Get Maximum Cloud Security and Privacy data stored and processed on Mediartis is encrypted in SSL format. Encrypted HS256 and unique limited-use keys are generated to grant access to user accounts.

All data and media being uploaded to and/or circulating on the network are encrypted.

Data access and media reading is subject to a verification of the user access authorisation, accessible for 30 minute increments by default. 

More info on security here

 unleash the power of your voice database