End-to-End Voice Casting Stack

Intuitive & efficient solutions for dubbing & voiceover service providers.

For every voice production stakeholder

Simplify casting production and delivery workflows.
Optimise voice assets and automate their GDPR compliance.
Protect your organisation and clients by mitigating project non-compliance risks.

You produce & deliver voice castings to clients

Studios, Creators & Agencies

Power up your projects with intuitive tools that simplify the casting phase of dubbing & voiceover production. Create, produce and deliver modern & branded castings that impress clients and strengthen your brand.

Sound engineer producer and voice over or singer in studio

You manage voice asset GDPR compliance

DPOs & Compliance Managers

Automate the voice-data GDPR compliance of your dubbing & voiceover assets and projects.

You receive voice castings from vendors

Publishing, Media & Entertainment

Protect your organisation from financial & brand reputation risks by ensuring your production suppliers are voice-data GDPR compliant.

Voices used in video games

Are you a voice actor?

Discover how to get listed in Mediartis casting searches and how our platform gives you full control of how your image and voice are referenced in producers’ private casting databases.

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Voice actors vs AI: Voice data compliance can help bridge the gap

The rapid progression of synthetic voice technologies is sending shockwaves throughout the dubbing and voiceover industry.  Trade associations and unions are rapidly regrouping across the globe to try to ensure that development and usage of voice AI technologies does not compromise the rights of actors through strong lobbying and contractual

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Identifying International Data Privacy Risks in Localization Operations

In today’s increasingly digital and global age, many companies in the media and entertainment sector have embraced a critical strategy for capturing new markets worldwide: content localization. So, why are localization workflows the industry’s modern Trojan Horse? For the simple fact that freelancer personal data and partner compliance are frequently

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