private voice casting cloud - create & deliver awesome castings

Created by audio post production professionals to make your life easier and save you a lot of time

Powered by your own voice samples. Optimised with tagging for efficient casting.

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How does is work?

Upload your actor and voice sample database to your secure account where the data is encrypted. Our system structures it for you. We take care of the GDPR compliance. Use cool integrated casting tools to create and deliver incredible voice projects to your clients like they’ve never seen. 

Create Voice Castings

  • Add your private voice samples
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Add unlimited medias
  • Multi-language casting tools

Manage Castings

  • Cast with internal & external collaborators
  • Add & edit comments
  • Edit sample titles visible to clients
  • Rearrange orders by drag & drop

Casting GDPR Integrity

  • Only GDPR compliant samples added to castings
  • No more sending voice samples 
  • Deliver compliant castings directly on your private cloud

Casting Security

  • Control action authorisations 
  • Medias are encrypted on the platform
  • Medias never leave your cloud
  • Actor names not visible to clients

we’ve reimagined voice casting.