the ultimate Cloud Voice CASTING ENGINE

Unleash the power of your voice database with a private, powerful and personalised casting engine

Powered by your own voice samples. Optimised with tagging for efficient casting.

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your voice samples power your private casting engine

Ensure your castings are GDPR-friendly and managed in a controlled environment.  Keep your castings and reputation clean – your partners and clients count on your conformity.

Create Voice Castings

  • Create castings with your organisations’ pooled samples 
  • Unlimited casting projects
  • Unlimited roles
  • Edit sample names for different projects

Collaborative Castings

  • Cast with internal team & external stakeholders
  • Collaborate on private casting projects
  • Participants can comment on propositions

Casting GDPR Integrity

  • Only GDPR compliant samples added to castings
  • No more sending voice samples for casting validation
  • Invite clients to validate castings in secure casting cloud rooms

Controlled Environment

  • Control action authorisations 
  • Medias are encrypted on the platform
  • Medias never leave your workspace
  • No transfers or downloads possible

SEE how we can optimise the way you cast voice talents