Streamline casting processes with integrated
CRM & voice casting tools
Mediartis voice actor CRM and media library

Centralise and secure voice samples and voice actor contact information.
Empower your team with 360° voice casting database management.
Produce incredible voice projects while we manage your GDPR.

Voice casting GDPR compliance by Mediartis

Enrich your casting database thanks to your own voice actors feedback.
Don’t always have the right phone number? Voice samples collected years ago no longer representative of your actors voice?
Non-pertinent assets and information are deleted and updated in a separate & controlled part of your CRM.

Centralise & Optimise Voice Assets

  • Manage and search through actor medias & profiles: languages, contact details, audio files…
  • Teams access pooled voice assets & castings according to their authorisation levels
  • Actors can access their individual profiles & update their contact info and add new medias

Integrated Casting Tools

  • Search assets by keywords and customisable tags
  • Create unlimited casting & unlimited roles
  • Deliver final castings to clients and exchange comments directly on your secure cloud

GDPR Compliance Management

  • Dashboards provide 100% visibility of account activity and compliance
  • Automated GDPR workflows triggered by imports of new contacts, medias, profile updates
  • Only compliant contacts and medias can be added to castings

Mediartis Advantages

Casting database enriched thanks to voice actor feedback

Non-pertinent assets and information are deleted and replaced

Actors given the opportunity to control their “image”

Voice assets are secured

Strengthen brand confidence from existing and potential clients

Use compliance as a marketing & communications tool

Win more proposals by putting forth audio compliance

Set corporate brand apart from the competition in international markets

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