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Protect your organisation and partners with 100% voice-data compliance transparency

Create and manage single-studio & multi-vendor projects. Deliver interactive castings via streaming.

Centralise and optimise your voice casting assets in your private casting cloud. 

Automate the GDPR compliance of your casting assets (voice samples & actor data) and projects.

Keep Production Flowing

Private cloud-based casting environments let you create and collaborate virtually with teams and clients, anywhere and anytime.

We make doing what you love easy and more fun.

Casting tools + streamed delivery

Intuitive and collaborative tools simplify casting  workflows. Create and share unlimited branded and interactive castings.

Casting tools

  • Casting engine powered by your assets
  • Create unlimited projects & roles
  • User permissions protect project visibility and editing
  • Visualise client feedback and scoring in real-time
  • Reorder role propositions with drag & drop 
  • Import media by batch for specific projects
  • Auto-format project roles with import template
  • Audio & video 
  • Vendors and agents deliver you castings by providing access to their data (voice samples) on streaming.

  • You integrate the parts of their projects you want into your master project without ever physically receiving their assets.

  • You keep control of your assets by delivering your clients one master project, branded with your logo and interactive, with your assets + partner assets via streaming.

Client delivery

Share intuitive and interactive final castings via streaming. Our technology helps you secure your assets by according streamed data access in projects, therefore eliminating physical sharing of your assets with partners.

Shared casting version: 

  • Features your logo
  • Actor names invisible 
  • Media non-downloadable / transferable
  • Studio modifications visible in realtime
  • Clients provide feedback & scoring
  • Clients validate / refuse / request modifications 
  • User permission controls
  • Video player
  • Castings containing only compliant assets stamped “GDPR Compliant”


Mediartis takes your data & media security very seriously. Here are a few ways we make sure your data and media are secured on the platform:

  • Unique HS256 encrypted timeout connection keys for every access
  • Session timeouts
  • Data & media are SSL format encrypted with Advanced Standard HS256 Encryption
  • Data & media hosting Amazon SW3 – France
  • App hosting CleverCloud – France
  • User permissions modifiable in real-time

Casting assets

Centralise and optimise your casting assets in a secure and private cloud, providing your audio team quick and easy access to the talents and media they need for projects. 

Mediartis voice actor CRM and media library

Mediartis structures your resources and helps your team manage casting assets and workflows more efficiently. 

Talent Database

  • Profile tagging for optimal search (project codes, keywords, etc.)
  • User permission levels for in-house staff 
  • Synchronised media library
  • Batch imports
  • Detailed talent profiles
  • Cross search with talent media
  • Real time compliance status

Media Library

  • Audio & video
  • Media player with timer
  • Add media directly to castings
  • Cross search actor profiles and media
  • Live time GDPR compliance status
  • User permissions
  • Batch import support
  • Drag & drop import to database

Contact library

  • Search by name, language, accent, gender, location…
  • Contact filters: language, accent, GDPR status…
  • User permissions
  • Live time GDPR compliance status
  • GDPR compliance processing on/off switch

Automated Voice-Data Compliance

Smart tools & workflows automate the data privacy obligations of  voice casting resources and projects and provide compliance transparency of the entire supply chain.

Mediartis voice database GDPR compliance overview
We know compliance is an ongoing process, and our software checks hourly for personal data modifications and/or asset uploads that need to be added to new workflows. Mediartis keeps your organisation and clients protected from non-compliance financial and brand reputation risks.


Keep your voice assets clean with compliance workflows triggered by actions, non-actions, and calendars.

  • Actor consent solicitation for all updates
  • Establishes processing purpose & data conservation duration
  • Consent recording (timestamp)
  • Routing & recording of modification & deletion requests
  • Consent renewal
  • Reminders of data processing
  • Actor access to their personal data
  • Email alerts when organisational actions are necessary

Compliance Management

Monitor voice asset compliance and casting activity in real-time on one easy to navigate dashboard. Our software provides 360° visibility of the compliance of your assets. Automated alerts let you know when an action is necessary.

  • Real time compliance status of actors and medias
  • Filter medias & actors by GDPR status
  • Safeguards ensure noncompliant assets subject to GDPR are not added to castings
  • Control user permissions for different data

Actor Personal Data Access

GDPR gives actors the right to access their personal data upon request, samples included. Our platform provides a permanent secure access to your actors where they can visualise and listen to their personal data referenced in your casting database.

  • Accessible with encrypted access keys sent by email
  • Traditional personal data visibility (name, pseudo, birthday, address, email, telephone
  • Voice samples watermarked for added security
  • Possibility to accept or refuse processing of each data
  • Automated routing of modification & deletion requests
  • Notes and Tags added to actor profiles are NOT visible in this interface

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