Casting Tools for private Voice-Over
& Dubbing databases

Casting Collaboration & Delivery

Private casting environments with awesome tools

  • Create unlimited projects
  • Collaborate with internal and external team members
  • Deliver final projects to clients via streaming
Female voice actor recording

Actor CRM & Database Management

Optimise your voice sample casting databases

  • Centralise, secure & structure voice samples used for casting
  • Power your private casting engine with your own voice samples
  • Secure your data with access authorisation controls

Voice Sample GDPR Compliance

Protect yourself and final clients

  • Automated workflows manage your firm’s voice sample GDPR compliance
  • Secure, private & isolated actor access to voice samples
  • Dashboard provides real time GDPR compliance reporting
Voices used in video games

Voice Casting Reimagined

Designed to simplify the entire casting process, Mediartis offers all the tools you need to power-up your private casting database, manage voice castings and deliver client projects via streaming.
Our integrated voice-data GDPR compliance solution protects your organisation and final clients.

How it works

Our clients

What do the Industry Experts Say?

Louis de Gaulle

Attorney and Intellectual Property & Technology Expert

“Anyone using voice-data, no matter the context, must comply with regulations governing the processing of personal data. This is for sectors such as those in audiovisual & dubbing, who handle the voices of many actors all year long.”  —

Henri Leben

Attorney, DPO and International Video Game & Localisation Expert

“It’s urgent for the industry to implement GDPR compliance measures for handling voice personal data, such as audio samples. Mediartis simplifies the task.“

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