Mediartis for Talent Agents

An end-to-end voice casting solution, Mediartis offers an innovative set of voice casting tools for artistic agents that represent dubbing and voiceover talents.

Tailor-made features allow agents to create and deliver elegant and interactive castings to clients via streaming, control the circulation of their talent bases, and ensure their artists’ personal data is secure and processed in compliance with the GDPR by the entire production chain. 

Voice is a biometric personal data, protected by the GDPR and most worldwide data privacy legislations. Voice samples shared during the casting phase pose high privacy compliance risks as the stockage, processing and security practices of those with whom actors’ voice samples are shared is unmonitored.

Partner privacy compliance transparency is critical as GDPR introduces the notion of co-responsibility, which means that a data breach at any point of the supply chain puts all participants at risk of fines up to 20M€ or 4% of global revenue.

Mediartis’ privacy safeguards ensure the privacy integrity of casting resources and projects, and protect the entire eco-system from non-compliance risks.

1- Casting Database Optimization

Users import their voice casting databases (talent info, audio & video voice recordings) to their private Mediartis workspace where the data generates searchable talent profiles and media libraries. Profiles and voice media can be enriched with unlimited and customizable tags for optimal search results. Talent data verification ensures the user’s database is updated regularly.

2- Casting Management

Collaborative tools simplify casting management. Users add streamed access to the voice recordings in their Mediartis database or to media they add using a drap & drop feature. Castings can be shared cross-service with colleagues via secure streaming. Users attribute resharing and validation permissions when sharing projects. Receiver feedback visibility is first level only. Team user permissions secure database and project visibility & actions.

3- Client Project Delivery

Users invite final clients to access branded castings on streaming. Project voice privacy compliance is visible to users’ clients. When sharing castings, users attribute validation and resharing permissions that can be revoked at any time. Feedback visibility is first level only. Users’ clients can validate talent propositions per role, request new propositions, provide feedback, and score propositions. Talent names and media titles are masked by default and can be personalized by users.

4- Securing Talent Voice Data

Mediartis’ streaming solution ensures that voice files are not physically shared by project participants at any step of the casting process. This allows agents to maintain control of their own casting resources, and secures talent data. Access permissions protect voice recordings from unauthorized access that could result in misuse of files for AI training purposes.

5- Talent Data Privacy Management Tools

Mediartis automates the collection, recording and renewal of talents’ explicit opt-in consent of use of their personal data. Data is encrypted during import, at REST and while circulating on the network.

6- Talent Consent of Use of Personal Data

A secure interface allows talents to verify their personal data – voice data included, request modifications and / or deletion of individual voice files the agent has referenced in their casting database. Project compliance safeguards ensure only voice recording authorized by talents are used in castings.

How does Mediartis work?

Mediartis full set of features

Resource management
Project creation & management
Project reception
Project delivery
Data privacy
  • Easy media upload: drag and drop audio & video files from your computer.
  • Easy talent uploads using excel templates to complete talent profiles: name, pseudo, gender, languages + accents, email, telephone, address, URLs, notes, tags.
  • Search and filter talents and media by name, gender, language/accent, keywords, tags and privacy status: validated, modifications requested, rejected, etc.
  • User permissions: create, read, update, delete.
  • Create multiple roles through Excel import.
  • Invite team members to collaborate.
  • Add streaming access to media in your private Mediartis resource library.
  • Drag and drop audio & video files from your computer.
  • Seamlessly integrate streamed partner resources.
  • Add notes to role propositions.
  • Visualize real-time project reviews, validations and change requests.
  • Review log: keep track of who reviewed a project and when.
  • Personalize actor names and media titles for shared version.
  • Search by role titles.
  • Filter by creator, creation date, media, roles and reviews.
  • User permissions: create, read, update, delete.
  • Filter by project status: pending, validated, modifications requested.
  • Access shared projects on streaming.
  • Review & validate projects in real-time online.
  • Verify homogeneity of roles across languages.
  • Privacy compliance visibility even when multiple vendor tiers contribute to a project.
  • Branded with your logo.
  • Attribute validation & resharing permissions.
  • Real-time review and validation.
  • Projects include streamed media access. No physical file sharing.
  • Project privacy compliance visibility – even when multiple contributors.
  • Initial & ongoing privacy compliance of every data.
  • Automated workflows: explicit talent consent of use, consent renewal/recording, modification & deletion request routing and deletion of non-compliant data.
  • Project privacy compliance safeguards.
  • 24/7 secure talent access to personal data – including media (watermarked for extra security).
  • Project compliance visibility.
  • Data compliance reporting for vendor privacy assessments.
  • Weekly compliance status + task summary.
  • Real-time privacy compliance visibility for each data
  • Data deletion countdown.
  • No data transfers or downloads.
  • No physical data sharing – media shared by streamed access.
  • Privacy dashboard.
  • Connection links are double encrypted.
  • Data encrypted: import, at rest, network circulation.
  • Real-time user permission controls.
  • User session timeouts.
  • Data hosted: AWS France.
  • App: CleverCloud France.

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