Producers, Studios & Agencies

Do you produce and deliver dubbing & voiceover castings?

Power up your projects with tools designed to maximise your assets.

Power-up your voice casting assets & client delivery

Mediartis tools save audio teams time and render casting workflows more efficient and secure.

Our innovative automated GDPR compliance solution keeps your casting assets clean, protecting you and your clients.

Actor CRM + Media Library

Upload your actor list & voice samples to your private workspace

  • Actor CRM – detailed actor profiles
  • Voice asset library
  • One unique database centralises casting assets 
  • Unlimited tagging of assets optimises searches
Voice database GDPR-safe

Casting Tools

Collaborate with internal & external teams

  • Create unlimited castings
  • Control assets and projects with user permissions
  • Add media from your Mediartis database or by drag & drop
  • Comment on rolls & reorder actor preferences

Client Delivery via Streaming

Set yourself apart from the competition - deliver interactive castings that impress

  • Modern & elegant casting interface with your logo
  • Comments for every role proposition
  • Actor names are invisible in client casting version 
  • Accord validation & (re)sharing permissions
  • Clients comment & score proposed actors

Automated Compliance

Ensure the GDPR compliance of your casting database and projects

  • Automated GDPR compliance workflows
  • Secure, private & isolated actor access to their personal data
  • Real time asset compliance status
  • Compliance safeguards guarantee only compliant assets are used in castings
  • Compliance status history reports for security assessments

How does it work?