Producers, Studios & Agencies

Do you produce and deliver dubbing & voiceover castings?

Power up your projects with intuitive tools that simplify the casting phase

Power-up your voice casting assets & client delivery

From independent studios to international localisation groups, our project tools save audio teams time and enable them work more efficiently and securely.

Automated audio GDPR compliance workflows keep your casting assets clean and provide powerful sales and marketing tools. Proof of audio compliance is a competitive advance that can set you apart from the competition.  It inspires confidence with prospects and existing clients and strengthens your brand image. 

Actor CRM + Media Library

Upload your actor list & voice samples to your private cloud

  • Actor CRM – detailed actor profiles
  • Voice sample library
  • Production teams access one unique database
  • Categorise your voice samples & actors
Voice database GDPR-safe

Casting Tools

Collaborate with internal & external teams

  • Create unlimited castings
  • Database & project authorisation controls
  • Your samples power your private asset search engine
  • Share comments & reorder actor preferences

Client Delivery via Streaming

Set yourself apart from the competition - deliver castings that impress

  • Modern & elegant casting interface with your logo
  • Comments for every role proposition
  • Actor names are invisible in client casting version 

Automated Compliance

Ensure the GDPR compliance of your casting database and projects

  • Integrated GDPR compliance workflows
  • Secure, private & isolated actor access to voice samples
  • Real time asset compliance status
  • Compliance safeguards guarantee only compliant assets are used in castings

How does it work?