Producers, Studios & Advertising Agencies:

Do you produce & deliver voice castings to clients?

360° voice casting tools

Mediartis provides producers, studios and agencies a 360° voice casting solution with integrated GDPR compliance processing to protect their organisations and clients from non-compliance risks.

Features include modern casting delivery via streaming, actor CRM, integrated casting engine, collaboration tools, database optimisation tools, and automated GDPR compliance workflows to easily manage your compliance obligations.

Proof of compliance is a powerful marketing tool that strengthens your brand image, sets you apart from the competition, inspires confidence with potential and existing clients, and protects your organisation and clients.


1. Casting Tools

2. Actor Management CRM

3. GDPR Compliance Tools

Mediartis voice casting solutions (click to enlarge)

Casting tools

Deliver final client castings via streaming.

Mask actor names and customise audio titles for client interface.

Present multi-language castings in one project interface.

Create unlimited castings and collaborate with external & internal teams.

Compliance safeguards: only compliant data can be added to GDPR-subject castings.

Share comments and reorder actor preferences.

Voice actors & audio assets management tools

Actor profiles & medias

  • Contact details, languages, URLs, notes…
  • Unlimited voice samples
  • Real-time GDPR compliance status

Voice assets

  • Organisational voice assets in one space
  • Asset tag tool
  • Integrated search engine

GDPR compliance tools

Compliance Features

Automated compliance workflows manage your voice personal data legal obligations

Data identification and mapping

Active consent solicitation, recording & renewal

Processing & routing of modification, rectification and deletion requests

Secure & isolated interface provides actors reading of their personal data

Dashboard reporting provides a 360° vision of database activity and compliance

Real time reporting of individual contact and media compliance

Casting Security

Only GDPR compliant voice samples can be added to castings

Your medias never leave the platform – no transfers or downloads are possible

Control your casting environment authorisations & workchain access

Internal & external production teams collaborate in the same space

Deliver final castings via streaming to your clients

Who does GDPR apply to ?

To every public or private organisation, European and otherwise, regardless of their size, handling personal data of European citizens and residents.

Who is responsible for the GDPR compliance?

The entire production chain is co-responsible for GDPR compliance of a project.

  • Your responsibility as a data controller is engaged
  • You engage the responsibility of your customers & subcontractors (and they engage yours) when sharing voice samples
  • The way you process personal data is also binding on them
  • The way in which your subcontractors and customers process their data engages your responsibility

Voice casting databases compliance


Voice is a personal data protected by GDPR


Samples are stored and used without time limit


No systematic trace of the samples origin (was it sent by the actor, their agent, a studio, etc)


Must be proven, freely given and informed apart from any employment contract

Can your clients count on your compliance?

  • GDPR has imposed radical regulations for voice casting professionals.
  • Samples used for castings are subject to strict processing regulations for studios and production companies, as well as their clients who receive these samples to choose their voices.
  • One non-compliant link in the production workflow puts all stakeholders at risk — both financially and your brand reputation.

Are you putting your clients at risk?

Can you ensure your casting database is compliant ?

Is personal data secure and identifiable? Do all of the actors know you’re holding their samples? Do you have trackable consent (independent from work contracts) from all of them, for use of every sample you store? How do you manage modification, deletion and access requests to their personal data (samples included)?

How do you deliver castings?

Do you send voice samples to clients via email?

What do your clients do with the samples?

Can you ensure they delete the samples? If saved, do they have GDPR compliance processes in place for respecting their obligations ?

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