Reimagined Dubbing & Voiceover Casting Tools.

Power-up your resources and projects with technology designed especially for you and your end clients.

End-to-End Voice Casting & Privacy Solution

Cutting edge cloud-based tools for all organisations who share, receive, and store voice data and other traditional personal data.

Collaborate from anywhere and any time to keep production rolling.

Your Casting Resources

Centralise your talent database & voice samples

  • Detailed & searchable talent profiles
  • Audio & video media library
  • Unlimited resource tagging for optimal search
  • Assign permission levels for in-house staff
  • Built-in media player
Voice database GDPR-safe

Project Management

Collaborate with the entire production eco-system

  • Create unlimited projects
  • Assign permission levels for in-house staff, external users and end clients 
  • Receive projects via streamed resource access from your partners on Mediartis
  • Seamlessly integrate streaming access of supplier resources into projects

Client Delivery via Streaming

Interactive castings that impress

  • Share final projects on streaming
  • Modern & elegant client project interface with your logo
  • Actor & media names are masked in client casting version 
  • Real-time visibility of role feedback & validation
  • Assign permission levels when sharing castings
  • Visualise feedback from people you share  with directly
  • Secure your assets by sharing on streaming
  • Projects labeled GDPR compliant
  • Built in media player

Data Privacy Compliance

Ensure the GDPR compliance of your own assets and resources shared by your partners

  • Automated GDPR compliance workflows
  • Secure, private & isolated actor access to their personal data
  • Real time asset compliance status
  • Compliance safeguards guarantee only compliant assets are used in castings
  • Partner and project compliance visibility
  • Compliance management tools
  • Compliance status history reports for security assessments

How does it work?