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About Mediartis

Mediartis is an all-in-one tool platform for processing and storage of voice samples in full compliance with the GDPR, set up by the European Union. The voice clips and the personal data are securely stored on our private cloud platform. The samples comply with the GDPR, and they may be legally used, being exclusively stored on the site.

Mediartis was made for any audiovisual professional working with voice samples. It offers them a secure place to store and manage their data, and helps increase productivity with an integrated casting search engine. By using Mediartis, they also make sure their work remains 100% GDPR compliant so their clients and stakeholders’ interests stay secure.

All data and media data uploaded to Mediartis is secured and stocked on Amazon S3 server in France.

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How does it work?

We know that your database is precious and at the very core of your work. Mediartis’ automatic casting tool will look at the keywords you already have in your samples titles to sort them and tag them automatically. This way, your voice database is quickly ready for you to start casting using our search engine. You stay in control of the categories and tags used in your database.

All Mediartis users – including clients and contacts – have access to the Mediartis Help Center for support. They also have access to email, chat and phone support during business hours (Paris CET time). This means Mediartis customer support specialists are available to answer all questions. Whether they come from you, or anyone involved in your compliance and casting process.

If you require an API connection, please contact us to make it happen. Rest assured we keep clients updated on changes and modifications in our technology. We also recommend updates well in advance to ensure security safeguards and protection of the personal data stored in cloud databases. Contact us for more information.

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How much is it?

Mediartis pricing is designed to scale with the size of your business. We propose 5 differents offers. All offers have access to the same tools. Plans differ in their maximal allowance of contacts that can be uploaded and processed for GDPR compliance to an account. For more details and information click here.

Because your long-term success and full GDPR compliance is our objective, we propose annual plans that support that goal. If plan commitments are year-long, payments can be made either monthly or annually (with a sweet discount!). Please click here for more details and information.

Mediartis’ pricing is designed to scale with the size of your business. That’s why we suggest that you purchase a plan that will fit your level of use. This means purchasing enough contacts to match your needs. So while we don’t charge “overage fees” as such, you might need to purchase additional contacts to match growth of your database as it occurs.

If you choose to end your subscription with us, your database and business will be at risk of not being GDPR compliant anymore. You will need to have sufficient means at your disposal to continue keeping track of your database GDPR compliance on your own. We strongly recommend continuing to respect GDPR processing of your voice database so you and your business stay compliant with EU regulations.

Before cancelling your Mediartis subscription, we advise you to save and download your contact list and media database. Data provided on Mediartis are deleted within thirty (30) days from the date a subscription ends. If you have selected monthly payments for a yearly subscription, the full amount due through the end of the yearly commitment must be paid. No refunds will be made on yearly payments either.

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Safety and privacy

All data uploaded to the Mediartis network are encrypted in SSL format. Encrypted HS256 One-Time-Use keys provide access to user accounts. Links are valid for 60 minutes by default and can be increased at the initiative of the connected user. Media reading is subject to a verification of the user access authorisation and accessible for 60 minute increments by default.

Also, voice recordings cannot be downloaded or transfered. Samples accessed by performers for GDPR consent are audio-watermarked for additional security.

Only collaborators you choose have access to your account. You control the access and control rights directly for each user. From Administrator to simple Member, you can allow people to perform different actions, such as adding, modifying or even deleting assets. Rights and access of collaborators can be modified and/or revoked at any time and these modifications are immediate.

People whom your share particular castings with for review only have access to the samples and data you put there. Also, voice actors in your database have access to their own data (name, adress, watermarked samples, etc) so they can consult it and give their GDPR consent for you to use it.

They do not access casting data or any other data. They only access their personal data you are holding.

Audio samples are securely centralised and remain in the secure environment of Mediartis in order to ensure GDPR compliance. Thus, it is not possible send a voice clip by email or any other messaging service. Access to audio content is strictly limited to the Mediartis platform. However, Mediartis has a functionality designed to allow secure voice casting sharing with people of your choice, whether they are internal or external to your organisation.

In order to ensure GDPR compliance of the voice database, audio samples stored on Mediartis may not be downloaded. Access to audio content is strictly limited to the Mediartis platform. Therefore it is not possible to download a sample to store it on your computer, phone, hard drive, email… as it would break the data compliance process.

An audio watermark is a unique electronic identifier embedded in an audio signal, typically used to identify ownership of copyright. Similar to a watermark on a photograph, it is the process of embedding information into a signal in a way that is difficult to remove.

When data subjets (voice actors) access their personal data on Mediartis, they can listen to their voice recordings a company possesses. These recordings are audio-watermarked to protect companies’ assets. Audio watermarking of these recordings does not, in any way, deform the audio recordings in company voice databases. Samples shared with clients and collaborators and partners in castings are not audio-watermarked.

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GDPR compliance

GDPR lays out responsibilities for organisations to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data, provides data subjects with certain rights, and assigns powers to regulators to ask for demonstrations of accountability or impose fines in cases where an organisation is not complying with GDPR requirements. The list below shows the key requirements. However it is not exhaustive and we recommend visiting the official EU website for more information :

-Lawful, fair and transparent processing

-Limitation of purpose, data and storage

-Data subject rights


-Personal data breaches

-Privacy by Design

-Awareness and training

The voice actor is at the core of this industry and enjoys legal rights regarding the processing of its personal data : Removal right, modification right… and gives the comedian control over its personal data. To know more about this topic, read our article ” I’m a voice actor, what are my GDPR-rights? “

Mediartis contacts all of the contacts uploaded to your voice database on the plaform to request consent. We manage email resends, reminders, and recording of client responses and actions concerning their GDPR consent.

You can also contact them directly via email or telephone to request action on their behalf.

The actor gave you his sample directly and for a specific usage at that moment. Will he still authorise your use of that sample tomorrow or next year? Will you remember to ask for use in the new context? GDPR insists on your being able to provide trackable consent for different usages and respecting consent calendars for using personal data. Mediartis helps you obtain storage and usage consent for two year periods, and then we get it again to be sure your data is GDPR-friendly.

You have the possibilty of pausing the Mediartis GDPR processing of samples by selecting “manual” mode for the concerned data. The sample will not be processed by Mediartis until you switch back to “automatic” mode for that sample. If a sample has not received consent of use by the concerned actor, it cannot be used in a casting done on Mediartis as all castings done on the platform are GDPR-safe.

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In the “Database” section, select the “Address Book” tab. You can create contacts one-by-one, or upload contact batches. To upload batches, please download the excel template located to the right of the search bar. Format your database, then click “Import Your Contacts” and upload it manually or drag and drop the file.

In the “Database” tab, go to the “Media” sub-part. Then you can import your media, at the right side of the search bar. You can drag your file directly on the web page or browse from your computer, in the correct format (zip).

Make sure to check first if the voice actors associated with your clips are already in the database. If not, add it from “Database”> “Address Book”. Then, in the “Database”> “Media” tab, click “Import”. You can then download a template by clicking on the small file with the arrow. When your template is filled with the names, first names and path of your files, put it in the zip file with your samples. Then, drag it on the importation page or click on “Browse”.

You can upload new contacts and samples as often as you like. If you reach the limit of contacts for your current plan, newly added contacts and samples will not be processed for GDPR compliance, nor usable for castings on the platform.

GDPR compliance of voice actor personal data can be verified on the tab “Database”>”Adressbook” by an indicator situated next to each contact.

The indicator shows which stage of the GDPR process the data is currently in:

  • New
  • First email
  • Xth reminder
  • Certified
  • To be modified
  • To be deleted

GDPR compliance of voice samples data can be verified on the tab “Database”>”Medias” by an indicator situated next to each voice sample. Only conform samples will be visible in the casting tab.

The indicator shows which stage of the GDPR process the sample is currently in:

  • New
  • First email
  • Xth reminder
  • Certified
  • To be deleted

Duplicate medias are recognised by email addresses, and cannot be imported more than once. This helps to avoid contact duplicates if you reimport your database several times. If you import the same contact more than once using a unique email address, the contact will not be recognised as a duplicate.

Duplicate media files are not authorised on the platform. Even if the title of your audio file is different than the duplicate, the file will be recognised as a duplicate and will not be imported. This helps to avoid having several copies of the same file if you reimport your database several times. We advise splitting the media for each actor before importing.

Make sure you have already imported your contacts to your database before importing your samples. Without this step, samples cannot be associated with an actor and the GDPR data compliance process will not begin.

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Casting engine

On Mediartis, you can create castings for each of your voice projects. Castings regroup the voice samples you have selected for a project, which you can also organise for different roles. You can add comments to each role and sample to share information with your colleagues, subcontractors, contractors, and final clients.

You can invite anyone, internal and external collaborators and stakeholders, using the share option. They’ll receive an email with a one-time-use link. Once connected to your casting space, they’ll be able to review and comment on the casting, and also invite others to review. You keep complete control of every casting and can control access and consult all comments in a centralised space.

As only GDPR processed samples can be used in castings on the platform, you can be confident in the compliance of your castings for clients.

If the sample you want to add to your casting is already in your database and its GDPR processing has already been done, you can find it in the “Casting” tab. From there, you can add it to a pre-existing casting list, or create a new one. You can also add an existing sample to your casting from the desired casting page, in “Saved Castings”.

If your sample is not part of your database yet, first make sure that the voice actor linked to it already is. Note that you will not be able to add the sample to any casting list before its GDPR processing has been completed first.

Go to “Casting” > “Saved Castings”:

  • Select the casting to share
  • Click on “share this casting” in the actions menu
  • In the new window, enter the email address(es) of the person(s) you’re inviting
  • Include a personalised message that they will receive with the one-time access link
  • Click on “Send”

Castings organised on Mediartis always respect the rules of the GDPR. The platform only allows for samples that have been processed and authorised for use by voice actors to be included in castings. It is operationaly impossible to include a sample that is not GDPR-friendly.

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Click your company name on the top right of the menu, and select “Company information”. Here you can see your company name, logo, country, language, and link to your company terms of use. You can also add a message for your contacts to see when we contact them on your behalf for consent requests.

To make changes, click the pen icon to the right, just above the company logo, to edit. Once finished, don’t forget to save your modifications.

After clicking your company name on the top right of the page, click on the “Billing” tab. Payment information, invoices, credit card… are available at the bottom of the page, with the possibility of modifying this information.

One-time-use keys are send by email to users for every connection to the platform. They receive one when invited to connect to an account, by requesting a link from the sign in page, or upon reception of an email sent by Mediartis.

Technically, unique access keys HS 256 are generated to provide user access in 60 minute increments. They expire automatically after 6 days. The duration of a session can be extended by clicking on time limit on the top right of the dashboard screen. This security measure was implemented to reinforce the security of your cloud on Mediartis.

Mediartis takes the security of partners data very seriously. In order to provide a maximum security environment for data storage, users do not have the possibility of accessing with static passwords. Cloud spaces are only accessible via one-time-use links that provide temporary access to user accounts. Users must request an access key for every connection, from the login page.

Our team is available via chat (ico on bottom right of the screen), email at, or you can send us a message via the platform. To do so, click “contact us”, fill out the contact form and send. Make sure to include your contact information so we can get back to you.

You can close your account by writing to If you selected monthly payments for a yearly subscription, the full amount due through the end of the yearly commitment must be paid. No refunds will be made on yearly payments either.

If you do choose to close your account, please remember to download your contact list and media database from the platform before closing it.

We strongly recommend continuing to respect your GDPR processing obligations of your voice database so you and your business stay compliant with EU regulations.

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Go to the “Users” tab and click on the button “Add Team Members” at the top right. Here you add new members and specify their team roles. From Administrator to simple Member, you can allow people to perform different actions, such as adding, modifying or even deleting assets.

In the company tab at the top right, choose Collaborators, and then click the 3 dots corresponding to the collaborator whose role you want to change or remove access. You can then assign different roles to your employees:

  • Owner of the account (creator), with administrator rights
  • Administrator, able to import, use, modify, and delete data
  • Member, able to use and modify the data without importing new ones
  • Reader, who can simply consult the information

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