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Automate the GDPR compliance of your post-production company

Digitalise voice post-production GDPR compliance

Mediartis automates the entire GDPR compliance process of voice post-production casting databases and projects. Whether castings are managed internally or subcontracted, the platform protects your organisation and clients from non-compliance risks. 

Available in 7 languages, the SaaS software adapts to both independent organisations and multinational groups delivering cross-entity voice production projects to final clients.

Voice is a biometric personal data protected by GDPR. This includes samples used for castings.

Easy to use

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Mediartis automated workflows (click to enlarge)

Secure Production Chain Compliance

Monitor Compliance

Dashboard with real-time overview of database compliance and activity.

Reduce Compliance Costs

Production professionals estimate compliance management of voice personal data takes 1-2 hours/actor/year when handled manually. 

Non-compliance risks: up to €20M or 4% of last exercise + brand image

Control Access Authorisations

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