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Digitalise Production Voice Data GDPR Compliance

Voice Data is the heart of dubbing & voiceover.
Are Your Assets Compliant?

Voice data, protected by GDPR and the majority of worldwide data protection legislations, is the foundation of all dubbing and voice over production.

Publishers, editors and studios create, receive and share high volumes of voice samples during the voice casting phase. This personal data is often stored in multiple databases across different departments and is rarely entered into compliance workflows. 

Audio teams maintain internal voice casting databases, composed of actor lists and voice samples for use in future castings, to which new assets are added regularly. Project specific contracts and NDAs do not eradicate compliance obligations for actor data processed in these databases.

Mediartis simplifies the GDPR compliance of voice casting databases and protects your organisation and partners from non-compliance financial and reputation risks.

Centralised Voice Assets

  • Actor CRM
  • Sample libraries
  • Production teams access one unique database
  • Compliance status of individual assets
Voice Data Compliance Automation

Voice Data GDPR Automation

  • Workflows triggered by data subject events and calendars 
  • Data subject (voice actor) consent solicitation, renewal and recording
  • Processing and routing of data subject modification, rectification and deletion requests

Database and Project Authorisations

  • Database user access controls
  • Project user access controls
  • Data subject secure and isolated interface
  • Client delivery via streaming

Casting Compliance Safeguards

  • Only compliant data can be added to voice castings
  • Client castings delivered via streaming
  • Voice data accessed on cloud – no more sending via email

Secure & Encrypted Cloud

  • Secured access via unique HS256 encrypted access keys
  • Data and media imports & circulation encrypted in SSL format (HS256)
  • Media & data hosted on AWS France / App hosted on Clever Cloud France 

Compliance Monitoring

  • Dashboard live time compliance overview
  • Filter contacts by compliance status
  • Filter media by compliance status

Secure Voice Production Chain Compliance

Who's responsible for the Voice-Data compliance?
The entire production chain...

Speak with one of our experts to see how Mediartis can help with your voice production compliance.

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