Automated data privacy

Protect your resources & projects

Mediartis’ privacy compliance solution provides 100% compliance visibility of resources and projects.

Initial and ongoing privacy workflows for your data help your organization respect your legal personal data processing obligations,  verify your partners are respecting theirs, and promote your data privacy compliance and preparedness.

Data privacy solution

Mediarits provides a simple and painless “compliance in a box” solution for companies to respect their personal data protection obligations – including biometric voice personal data.

Extra-territorial, GDPR is the world’s strictest legislation and serves as the model for the majority of global regulations. Our technology helps companies meet complicated requirements specific to the needs and workflows of dubbing and voiceover operations.

Automated workflows

Mediartis solicits, records and renews explicit talent opt-in consent of use of their personal data, 100% independent of work contracts (legal requirement), routes modification & deletion requests, and deletes non-compliant data.

Partner Compliance Visibility

Resource compliance tracked from platform import through to end client project delivery, no matter how many service providers/agents contribute to a project.

Project Compliance

Safeguards ensure only compliant resources are  added to projects. Compliance is tracked and visible – no matter how many service providers/agents  contribute to a project.

Privacy Management Tools

Compliance dashboard provides a real-time overview of database privacy status. Weekly email organization task alerts.

Talent Access to Data

24/7 secure talent access to their personal data on streaming, media included (voice media watermarked for added security) to help you respect talent access rights and keep your resources updated.


Annual compliance reporting. Vendor privacy assessment reporting available on demand.

User Controls

Different user permissions help you secure data & respect privacy obligations of “need to access”: create, read, update, delete.


Data hosted on AWS France, encrypted at import, at rest and circulating on network. All media shared via controlled streamed access – no physical sharing of personal data.

Worldwide Voice Data Privacy

Voice is protected by the GDPR and most global privacy legislations. Dubbing & voiceover voice casting resources fall within GDPR’s scope. Extra-territorial, GDPR introduces the notion of co-responsibility. Data breaches anywhere in the supply chain put you at risk. Penalties reach up to 20M€ or 4% of your last year’s global revenue. 

Talent consent must be opt-in and 100% independent of work contracts. Processing obligations include consent solicitation, recording & renewal; data encryption; processing modification, deletion & access requests within 30 days, etc.

Mediartis’ technology protects the entire ecosystem, from studios to final clients, with real-time compliance controls, even for multi-partner projects, and makes partner compliance easy to confirm.”

Chris Johnson

CEO – Convergent Risks

Mediartis full set of features

Resource management
Project creation & management
Project reception
Project delivery
Data privacy
  • Easy media upload: drag and drop audio & video files from your computer.
  • Easy talent uploads using excel templates to complete talent profiles: name, pseudo, gender, languages + accents, email, telephone, address, URLs, notes, tags.
  • Search and filter talents and media by name, gender, language/accent, keywords, tags and privacy status: validated, modifications requested, rejected, etc.
  • User permissions: create, read, update, delete.
  • Create multiple roles through Excel import.
  • Invite team members to collaborate.
  • Add streaming access to media in your private Mediartis resource library.
  • Drag and drop audio & video files from your computer.
  • Seamlessly integrate streamed partner resources.
  • Add notes to role propositions.
  • Visualize real-time project reviews, validations and change requests.
  • Review log: keep track of who reviewed a project and when.
  • Personalize actor names and media titles for shared version.
  • Search by role titles.
  • Filter by creator, creation date, media, roles and reviews.
  • User permissions: create, read, update, delete.
  • Filter by project status: pending, validated, modifications requested.
  • Access shared projects on streaming.
  • Review & validate projects in real-time online.
  • Verify homogeneity of roles across languages.
  • Privacy compliance visibility even when multiple vendor tiers contribute to a project.
  • Branded with your logo.
  • Attribute validation & resharing permissions.
  • Real-time review and validation.
  • Projects include streamed media access. No physical file sharing.
  • Project privacy compliance visibility – even when multiple contributors.
  • Initial & ongoing privacy compliance of every data.
  • Automated workflows: explicit talent consent of use, consent renewal/recording, modification & deletion request routing and deletion of non-compliant data.
  • Project privacy compliance safeguards.
  • 24/7 secure talent access to personal data – including media (watermarked for extra security).
  • Project compliance visibility.
  • Data compliance reporting for vendor privacy assessments.
  • Weekly compliance status + task summary.
  • Real-time privacy compliance visibility for each data
  • Data deletion countdown.
  • No data transfers or downloads.
  • No physical data sharing – media shared by streamed access.
  • Privacy dashboard.
  • Connection links are double encrypted.
  • Data encrypted: import, at rest, network circulation.
  • Real-time user permission controls.
  • User session timeouts.
  • Data hosted: AWS France.
  • App: CleverCloud France.