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Do you receive voice castings from suppliers?

Are the castings you receive putting you at risk?

GDPR and worldwide personal data protection legislations have imposed radical changes for voice production professionals worldwide.

Voice is a personal data and samples used for castings are subject to strict processing regulations for studios and production companies, as well as their clients who receive these samples to validate voices.

While audio professionals are beginning to manage voice-data compliance, the majority continue casting and sharing samples with disregard to their legal obligations for handling personal data. 

One non-compliant link in the production workflow puts all stakeholders at risk — both financially and your brand reputation.

Is your organisation compliant?

How do you receive castings?

If your organisation accepts voice casting delivery by email, data protection legislations impose compliance policies to process this data.

Do you have voice-data processing policies in place?

Data protection officers are often unaware that voice-data is being received and processed by internal teams. If you don’t already have compliance policies in place, this should be a priority.

Do you confirm supplier voice-data compliance?

While most companies confirm the data protection compliance of suppliers, the compliance usually pertains to traditional personal data – usually processed by marketing, sales and human resource departments. Voice-data compliance is often overlooked and unconfirmed.

Organisations are co-responsible for the voice-data compliance of all project stakeholders

Voice sample circulation in the audiovisual industry (click to enlarge)

Is my organisation subject to GDPR?

Enforced since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation imposes rules on the processing of EU citizens’ and residents’ personal data – whether it is shared in Europe, from Europe or Europe-inbound.

It applies to every public and private organisation – regardless of their size – processing personal data, and is not limited to any industry, sector or territory.

Is voice considered personal data?

Any information that can be used to identify a physical person, directly or indirectly is personal data (ie name, address, email, social security #, photo, DNA, fingerprints, etc).

Voice-data is protected by GDPR and global data-protection legislations. Voice-over and dubbing samples used for castings are subject to these legislations.

Mediartis — The audiovisual industry's first voice-data GDPR compliance solution

We automate the entire GDPR compliance process for audiovisual post-production voice projects. Whether castings are managed internally or by external suppliers, the platform protects everyone from non-compliance risks.

Voice casting GDPR compliance by Mediartis

Voice castings are delivered via streaming to safeguard final clients from voice-data compliance obligations.

Only GDPR compliant voice samples can be added to GDPR-subject castings.

Optimised casting experience with all roles, audio samples and comments in one project interface.

One secure interface centralises all castings shared with you by Mediartis users.

Actor consents are tracked and time-stamped in case of compliance audits.

Castings managed & shared on Mediartis are encrypted and secured in private clouds.

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