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100% visibility of partner conformity.

Protect your brand with Mediartis

Designed for dubbing & voiceover service providers and their clients who receive, store, and share voice data and other traditional personal data, cloud-based Mediartis offers a scalable end-to-end voice privacy and casting solution.

Key features include resource & project management tools, an automated data privacy solution for freelancers’ personal data, and full visibility of partner data protection compliance for all organisations.

Supply chain compliance visibility & optimised workflows

Mediartis provides visibility of your supply chain’s data compliance to help you ensure your business partners are respecting their legal obligations, no matter how many stakeholders are contributing to your projects.

Mediartis automates the data privacy compliance obligations of casting resources and tracks conformity from the moment data is added to the platform through to end client delivery. Innovative project management tools help service providers and end clients collaborate more efficiently.

Key features for your organisation

  • Receive projects via streamed resource access
  • Review and validate projects online
  • Verify the homogeneity of roles for unlimited languages
  • Real time project compliance visibility
  • Integrate streamed partner resources into one master project
  • Share project with stakeholders for review and validation
  • Assign different permissions to in-house staff and external resources
  • Visualise real time feedback from person(s) you share castings with
  • Secure data privacy integrity by sharing resources on streaming only
  • Archive projects for future reference
  • Automate the data privacy compliance of your internal resources
  • Compliance reporting for every resource
  • Secure data with different permission levels for in-house staff
  • Data encrypted during import and circulation on network

For your vendors, tiers & agents

  • Manage data protection obligations on Mediartis
  • Safeguards ensure non-compliant assets are not used
  • Receive suppliers projects via streamed resource access
  • Integrate streamed access of supplier resources into projects
  • Share interactive projects with you on streaming
  • Secure projects with permission levels for in-house staff
  • Assign permission levels when sharing the casting with your team
  • Only visualise feedback from person(s) they share castings with directly
  • Secure data with encryption during import and circulation on network

What localisation scenarios are subject to GDPR?

Voice is protected by the GDPR and most worldwide data privacy legislations. Voice samples used during the casting phase of dubbing & voiceover production are subject to specific processing obligations and partner compliance transparency is critical for protecting your company from non-compliance risks.

Extra-territorial, GDPR introduces the notion of co-responsibility, and a data breach at any step, including non-compliant resources used by your partners, or their subcontractors, puts your organisation at reputation and financial risks. Penalties can reach as high as 20M€ or 4% of your last year’s global revenue.

Is your organisation currently compliant?

  • You delete every sample and freelancer data received at the end of the casting phase.
  • You keep resources received from partners after the casting phase and enter these into GDPR compliant processing : talent consent solicitation (100% independent of work contracts), consent recording & renewal, talent access and data portability, treatment of  deletion  and modification requests within 30 days upon request, etc.
  • You confirm the GDPR compliance of resources shared by your vendors and supply chain tiers.
  • You ask vendors to upload their resources to your database for use in future projects and don’t manage the GDPR compliance obligations of the resources.
  • You download resources on computers, telephones, keep them in your inbox or on a shared corporate server and don’t enter this data into compliance processing.
  • Personal data is not secured by “need to access” policies.
  • You save resources after a project is completed and don’t manage the GDPR compliance.
  • You don’t monitor the voice data GDPR compliance of your vendors and supply chain tiers.

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