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Do you receive voice castings from suppliers?

Are the castings you receive putting you at risk?

  • Voice is a sensitive and biometric personal data 

  • The usage and storage of voice samples used in castings are subject to strict GDPR and worldwide data protection processing regulations

  • These regulations apply to audiovisual professionals such as studios, production companies and clients who receive these data to choose their project voices
  • One non-compliant link in the production workflow puts all stakeholders at risk — both financially and your brand reputation

  • Les supprimez-vous après la fin de chaque projet ?

While audio professionals are beginning to manage voice-data compliance, the majority continue casting and sharing samples that are not processed in compliance to GDPR. 

Is your organisation compliant?

Receiving Voice Castings

  • Do your suppliers send you voice samples for validation via email or file transfer services?

  • Do you delete these after every project?

  • Do you share the samples with third parties or clients?
  • Do you know if the parties you share the samples with delete them after every project?

Storing Voice Samples

Perhaps you download samples to your computer, save them in your mailbox or on a company server… If so, do you enter them into personal data processing workflows that respect GDPR obligations?

And your partners and suppliers?

Your suppliers must be able to prove the compliance of their voice casting database before sharing any sensitive personal data, otherwise your co-responsibility could be engaged

Voice casting GDPR compliance by Mediartis

Mediartis protects your company and simplifies the casting phase

We automate the entire GDPR compliance process for audiovisual post-production voice projects. Whether castings are managed internally or by external suppliers, the platform protects everyone from non-compliance risks.

Voice castings are delivered via streaming to safeguard final clients from voice-data compliance obligations.

Only GDPR compliant voice samples can be added to GDPR-subject castings.

Optimised casting experience with all roles, audio samples and comments in one project interface.

One secure interface centralises all castings shared with you by Mediartis users.

Actor authorisations are tracked and time-stamped in case of compliance audits.

Castings managed & shared on Mediartis are encrypted and secured in private clouds.

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