Mediartis helps talents protect & control their personal data

We bring privacy integrity to the dubbing & voiceover ecosystem.

Voice is a personal data, strictly protected by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and most international data protection legislations. The GDPR provides voice actors with enforceable legal rights over how their personal data – voice recordings included – is collected, processed and shared. Learn more

What is Mediartis?

Mediartis provides voice talents with free tools to access, protect and control their personal data being processed by organizations who manage their casting databases and projects on Mediartis.

Our solution helps actors exercise their personal data rights and organizations to respect their legal obligations when collecting, processing and sharing talents’ personal data.

Mediartis ensures that the voice data used in castings has been verified & approved for use by actors, and enables companies to verify the compliance of their service providers and to outsource responsibly.

How does Mediartis help talents enforce their data protection rights?

Informs talents when they are referenced in a Mediartis user’s casting database

Provides talents 24/7 access to their personal data

Routes + processes rectification and deletion requests

Deletes non-compliant personal data

Records + renews talent’s explicit consent of use for every new data and modification

Offers organizations casting delivery tools that eliminate physical voice file sharing

Ensures only validated voice recordings are used in castings

Secures personal data with access controls and encryption

How does it work ?


Actors cannot register on Mediartis. 

When a company manages talent personal data on Mediartis, private spaces are automatically created for talents in their database.


Actors do not have to create accounts or remember  passwords.

Actors automatically receive connection links via email to access their personal data, including voice samples.

They can request access links at any time on Mediartis.


Actors choose how their personal data is used.

Actors verify their data in the organization’s casting database and can authorize use & sharing of the data for casting purposes; request modifications and/or deletion of each data.

They can revoke their consent at any time.

Talents primary rights offered by the GDPR

Right to be informed

Organizations must alert talents if they are collecting, processing, sharing their personal data.

Legal basis of consent

Explicit opt-in consent of use. Consent must be independent of work contracts.

Purpose + Duration

Organizations must clearly communicate the intended purposes of processing the PII and duration. If processing purpose changes, data controller must solicit new consent.

Talent access

Talents have the right to access their PII - including voice recordings. Organizations must provide access within 30 days of request.

Right to rectification

Talents can request rectifications to their PII processed by organizations. Requests must be treated within 30 days.

Right to object

Talents have the right to object to PII processing and the right "to be forgotten" - Talents can request erasure of their PII across all organization services. Requests must be treated within 30 days.


Talent PII must be secured with access controls and voice data encrypted. Organizations sharing PII are co-responsible for how it is processed by the receiver and must notify talents of data breaches.

Right to portability

Talents can request PII they provided to an organization.