Voice actors on Mediartis

Mediartis offers a secure and simple way for voice actors to control their image and engage with producers

What is Mediartis?

Mediartis offers casting tools for producers with private voice casting databases.

They upload their actor lists and casting media to their private cloud where they manage and deliver voice castings.

Why was I contacted by a producer via Mediartis?

In accordance with GDPR, companies are subject to very strict processing obligations if they are storing and processing your voice samples and other personal data, for current and future castings.

Mediartis acts as an intermediary between producers and yourself, to provide you access to your personal data (contact information, voice samples, etc) and collect proof of your consent.

Isn't my agreement obvious, as I already work with these companies?

It’s not that simple! It’s not because you sent samples to a company that you also gave them the right to send them again to their own clients. 

Also, a company cannot include a consent request within the framework of an employment contract, nor impose a tacit validation on you. GDPR guarantees that you ou must be able to freely agree to let them use your data.

Can I register on Mediartis?

Voice actors cannot register directly on Mediartis. Only production companies can choose to add their actors. If no company registered on Mediartis has you in their address book, you won’t have access to the platform. 

However, if you have a paid offer on our second voice casting platform VoxingPro, your actor profile and medias will automatically be integrated into casting search results on Mediartis for all registered companies.

How does Mediartis work for voice actors?


The system is simple and free: you do not have to create an account or remember a password.


When a company handling your data chooses to manage their voice samples with Mediartis, your data will be linked to the email address you provided them.

Mediartis will send you a link via email that allows you to view all your personal data, including audio samples.

Using this link, you can identify which companies registered with Mediartis hold your data and can visualise all your personal data being processed.

You can consent to the use your data for casting purposes. You can also request the modification or deletion of old or inaccurate data, or demand that the company delete you from their database.
You can access the platform at any time by using this portal with your email address.

Having trouble validating your data?