A. Structuring your media database for batch import

1. Casting Database Master Folder includes:

  • media file names must include actor names identical to their profile names) in WAV, MP3, AIFF, etc. formats
  • Completed Excel document “medias-template.xlsx”

It’s also possible to copy your folders to the root of your MEDIA database :

2. Casting Directory

  • Media files in WAV, MP3, AIFF, etc. formats
  • Completed Excel document “medias-template.xlsx”


  1. CREATE a master folder
  2. Inside of the master folder, CREATE subfolders for each actor (name subfolders with actors names)
  3. ADD the actors voice samples to their dedicated folders


* Media file names MUST include the actor’s name

* DO NOT INCLUDE ACCENTS in media files

* For optimal search results, we strongly recommend including keywords that describe the voice samples in the media file names (ie video games, dubbing, sex, age, film, television, ES, LATAM, etc.)

B. Complete the Media Import Template

DOWNLOAD the template “medias-template.xlsx” here or in MEDIA / IMPORT MEDIA

SAVE TEMPLATE at the root of your Master Casting Database folder 

COMPLETE the template with:

  • List of media files to import (1 line per media file)
  • Specific folder *PATHs for each media file
  • First and last names of the corresponding contacts


Corresponds to the director PATH leading to the media file from the root of the folder
For step-by-step instructions for generating media PATHs click here

3. Compress the Master Folder into a Zip File:

  1. SELECT the Master Casting Folder


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How do I generate media file PATHs?