STEP 1 – Get your connection link email

Case #1 – You received an email from a production company asking you to review and authorize use of your personal data referenced in their casting database on Mediartis

To review your personal data in their casting database, click the green button “Access my personal data” in the email sent by Mediartis.

If the link has expired or you can’t find the email, please refer to Case #2 below.

Case #2 – You didn’t receive any email but you wish to validate your data OR the link in the email has expired

You can access the platform to review your data at any time by using this portal. Enter your email address and click on “Get your connection link”.

Check your emails and locate the one sent by Mediartis (check your promotions & spam folders if necessary). Then click on the link in the email to access your data (see Case #1 above).

Use the email address you provided to the production company holding your data. If you don’t enter the same address they have on file, you will not be able to access your account. You can contact them directly to find out which one they have.

STEP 2 – Select an organisation

Click on the organisation for which you wish to review your personal data.

STEP 3 – Verify your personal data in “My Info”

  • If all data is correct and complete and to AUTHORIZE the organisation to reference you in their casting database: click green “AUTHORIZE” button (bottom left), and then click “CONFIRM”.
  • If some data is incorrect / incomplete and you want to request MODIFICATIONS: click orange “MODIFY” button (bottom middle), type your modification requests in the text box, and then click “SUBMIT” button to send your request.
  • If you want the organisation to DELETE all of your personal data and stop contacting you to work with them, click red “DELETE” button (bottom right) and then click “CONFIRM THE DELETION button”. ATTENTION: If you select “DELETE”, all your media will also be refused by default and will be deleted from the organisation’s casting database within 30 days.

STEP 4 – Verify your audio and video samples in MY MEDIA

In MY MEDIA, you can listen to your media, authorize use of and request deletion of all media or individual media.

  • To AUTHORIZE use of ALL of your media, click the green “AUTHORIZE” button on the bottom left of screen.


  • To request DELETION of SOME of your media: click the orange “MODIFY” button on the bottom middle of screen, then click REJECT to right of media you want deleted, then click “SAVE MY MEDIA CHOICES” button on bottom middle of screen.
  • If you want to provide additional samples to the organisation for their casting database, please contact them directly.

    STEP 5 – Verify your choices

    In SUMMARY you have an overview of the choices you have made. To modify your choices, click on “My Info” or “My Media”, make changes, and save.

    If you need more help to consult or validate your data, contact us via the instant chat-box or email us at

    If you want to learn more about Mediartis and why producers use it, read this page.