Streamline casting processes with integrated CRM & voice casting tools

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360° voice casting database management

Centralise and secure voice samples and voice actor contact information. Empower your team. Produce incredible voice projects while we manage your GDPR.

Manage Actor Profiles & Medias

  • Manage actor profiles: languages, URLs, contact details
  • Upload unlimited audio files
  • GDPR compliance visibility for actors & every media

Centralise & Optimise Voice Assets

  • Teams access pooled voice assets.
  • Search assets by keywords and tags. 
  • Batch tagging tool with customisable tags.
  • Collaborate with internal & external stakeholders directly on your cloud.

Administrative Management

  • Control access authorisations (5 levels)
  • Scalable offers based on number of contact (unlimited medias)
  • Your corporate branding in communications 
  • 7 interface languages

Casting Tools

  • Your samples power your private casting engine
  • Create unlimited casting and roles
  • Deliver final castings to clients directly on your secure cloud

GDPR Compliance Management

  • Dashboards provide 100% visibility of account activity and compliance
  • Automated GDPR workflows triggered by imports of new contacts / medias and profile updates
  • Only compliant contacts and medias can be added to castings

Cloud Security and Privacy

  • All data is encrypted in SSL format. 
  • Encrypted HS256 and unique limited-use keys are generated for accessing accounts
  • Data and media are encrypted during upload and while circulating on the network
  • Data access and media reading is subject to verification of user access authorisations & time limited

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