STEP 1 – Get your connection link email

Case #1 – You received an email from your vendor asking you to check out a casting on Mediartis

To view a casting, click the green button “Access casting” in the email sent by Mediartis.

If the link has expired or you can’t find the email, please refer to Case #2 below.

Case #2 – You didn’t receive any email OR the link in the email has expired

You can access the platform to view all castings shared with you at any time by using this portal. Enter your email address and click on “Get your connection link”.

Check your emails and locate the one sent by Mediartis (check your promotions & spam folders if necessary). Then click on the link in the email to access your data (see Case #1 above).

Use the email address your vendor used to share the casting with your company. It might be yours, or a coworker’s. Make sure your vendor shared their casting using your email address, otherwise you will not be able to view it. You can contact them directly to find out.

STEP 2 – Select an organisation

Click on the organisation for which you wish to review a casting.

STEP 3 – View and give feedback on casting

If you need help on how to view and give feedback on a casting, please check out this article.