Automated GDPR Processing

Enter Contacts and Media into automated compliance workflows by activating Automated GDPR Processing.

Modifications made 60 days after GDPR Automated Processing is activated, including profile updates and new media additions, will trigger new compliance workflows that require Contact consent before the Contact or their Media can be used in castings.

Tag and Notes modifications DO NOT trigger compliance workflows.

Activate “GDPR Automated Processing”:

Contact GDPR processing : Automated / Manual Processing / Deactivate

  • Select Contact(s) by clicking box to left of Contact name(s)
  • Click “# contacts selected” above Contact list
  • Select “GDPR Automated Processing” from the drop down menu
  • Confirm when prompted


If a Contact is entered into GDPR Processing, they can only be added to a casting if their data (profile + media) is compliant.


Mediartis GDPR Compliance Tools

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