Create awesome castings with teams. Client delivery via streaming.

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Reimagined Voice Casting Tools

Upload your private actor list and voice samples for integration into powerful casting tools that simplify your projects and save you time.

Casting Tools for Private Audio Databases

Search engine

Powered by your own voice samples – tagged for precision search results.

Casting Edition

Create projects with unlimited actors, roles and samples.

Unlimited audio

Upload medias as often as you want to your private cloud casting database.


Manage multi -zone localisation projects in one  project interface.

Team collaboration

Invite Project Stakeholders

Cast with internal & external collaborators.

Share Feedback

View, add & edit team members comments.


Customise actor and role orders.

Project Access Controls

Accord specific project access & action authorisations.

User roles team collaboration

Client Delivery via Streaming

Project Delivery

Deliver client casting via streaming on your private cloud.

Control Access

Share & instantly revoke project access authorisations.

GDPR Secure

If GDPR-subject, only compliant samples can be added to projects.

Asset Protection

Mask actor names & edit sample titles visible to clients
Send voice casting to client
Multilingual localisation voice casting - client view



Only authorised users can access specific castings.


Medias are encrypted during upload & while circulating on network.

No transfers

Medias are not transferable from your cloud.

GDPR compliance

Only GDPR compliant samples can be added to GDPR-subject castings.

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