GDPR Compliance Audits

You have questions or doubts about your compliance?

Protect your organisation from financial & brand reputation risks

Mediartis, in collaboration with a partner law firm specialised in audiovisual GDPR, offers personalised compliance services to accompany organisations in adapting to an evolving international regulatory environment.

Auditors analyse your policies on information privacy and security against the requirements of the GDPR to see if your organisation complies with the requirements of the EU legislation and whether your policies and processes are structured in a way future compliance is assured.

Choose from Two Audit Services

Global GDPR Compliance

  • DPO necessity
  • Organisation of internal & external data flows
  • Minimisation of data collection
  • Co-responsibility risks: Analysis of partner compliance
  • Data processor and data controller contract supervision
  • Website compliance
  • Security
  • Identification of risks and recommendations
  • Declarations with GDPR supervisory authorities
  • Processing registry
  • Drafting documents, legal mentions, etc.

Audio focus GDPR Compliance

  • Casting asset compliance
  • Personal data processing obligations
  • Internal & external data flows, production workflows
  • Audio workflows
  • Supplier compliance & co-responsibility risks
  • Best practices
  • Recommendations

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