Webinar – Are You Breaking The Law? A Guide to GDPR for Dubbing and Voice Over Assets

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Mediartis Webinar “Are You Breaking the Law?”

Mediartis is co-hosting a webinar with EGA (Entertainment Globalization Association) next Tuesday, October 19th at 5 PM (London) – 6PM (Paris) — 9AM (Los Angeles)

Learn more about the Trojan Horse of the worldwide dubbing industry – voice samples – and your legal obligations when keeping them beyond the casting phase.

The ever growing surge of international dubbing localization projects makes voice data GDPR compliance more important than ever for dubbing service providers and their clients.

Voice assets used in dubbing production are strictly protected by GDPR. Often overlooked in compliance strategies, non-compliant assets put your company and partners at risk. 

Themes discussed include

  • Data privacy particularities of dubbing assets and projects
  • Compliance co-responsibility and risks of content creators and owners
  • Production scenarios subject to GDPR
  • Securing Audio Service Workflows
  • Successful voice-data compliance tips & strategies for respecting legal obligations

Animated by Chris Fetner, Managing Director of EGA (ex-Netflix, ex-BBC, ex-PBS).

Attorney Henri Leben of Leben Avocats will provide an overview of voice data GDPR obligations, give valuable tips for ensuring your organization’s strategy is up to par, and explain the GDPR notion of co-responsibility, from vendors through to content distributors.

Michel Golgevit, President of Keywords Studios France, will share insights on some of the challenges his organization encountered when developing their voice data GDPR compliance strategy, and solutions for identifying and addressing compliance risk factors.

Nicole Quilfen, Strategy Director at Mediartis, will present the localization industry’s first and only voice data compliance software that automates GDPR obligations – mitigating non-compliance risks for all project stakeholders – and offers casting tools to optimize voice assets and projects.

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