Mediartis joins Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) as Bronze Sponsor

Mediartis announced today they have joined the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA), the leading worldwide association for audiovisual globalization, as a bronze sponsor. 

For several years, Mediartis has powered an automated voice-data GDPR solution for the dubbing assets of leading localization groups and independent studios worldwide.

Uniquely designed for the casting phase of dubbing production, Mediartis offers a cloud-native SaaS solution that enables dubbing service providers to simplify their voice-data GDPR obligations,  optimize casting workflows, and deliver compliant projects. The Entertainment Globalization Association’s (EGA) strong focus on localization standards and educational resources for the dubbing market make our sponsorship of the world’s leading audiovisual globalization trade association (EGA) a logical step.

Created in 2020, EGA’s objective is to strengthen the synergy between entertainment globalization content creators and artists, and to elevate the art form of retelling stories across cultures and languages. The organization is led by Chris Fetner, who spent nearly a decade at Netflix leading localization strategy and partnership operations. Founding members include Audiomaster Candiani, Deluxe, Hiventy, Iyuno Media Group, Keywords Studios, Plint, SDI Media, Visual Data Media Services, VSI, and ZOO Digital.

“We are delighted to join the EGA as a sponsor. Our company has grown significantly over the last few years, due in large part to international adoption of the Mediartis Voice Casting Stack, created specifically for dubbing service providers,” commented Cécile Limal, CEO of Mobilis Pro Group. “The EGA provides great opportunities to share ideas and collaborate with content localization professionals across the globe.”

“Mediartis is tackling an important and often overlooked compliance issue and we’re thrilled to have them in the EGA where they can help all our members and the industry as whole develop a thoughtful approach to addressing privacy with regards to voice impressions”

About Mediartis: 

Mediartis, a cloud-native SaaS, is trusted by international localization groups and independent studios across the globe. Designed for private dubbing casting databases and scalable for companies of all sizes, the Mediartis Voice Casting Stack provides secure private clouds for customers to upload their casting assets and access tools to automate voice-data GDPR compliance, create and collaborate on projects, and deliver branded projects to clients on streaming.

Mobilis Pro Group: 

Paris-based Mobilis Pro provides solutions to more than 700 production companies and studios for the voice casting phase of their dubbing and voiceover productions. 

Led by Cécile Limal, CEO of Mobilis Pro and President of Digital Media Applications at Ficam, the company operates two voice casting platforms, Mediartis and Voxing Pro. Voxing Pro is a public voice casting platform that offers free and direct access to a curated selection of 1,300 leading voice talents and an extensive suite of casting tools.

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