[Now Live] Casting Access Controls

Compliant voice casting delivery

Is casting confidentiality important to you and your clients? Critical for many projects – this new feature gives you control of access authorisations!

  • Which team members should have access to your projects?
  • Who should be authorised to modify, delete, or invite other collaborators?
  • Should your entire team be able to share castings externally?

Our new feature helps you manage these logistics and more.

Provide access by inviting internal team members to individual projects. Simply click the “Collaborators” button in the casting and enter their email address. Finish your project or adding new roles that can’t be shared with some team members? Revoke access in real-time.

Team authorisations depend on their defined User Types. User authorisations are detailed in the “User” section of your account (ie read only, modify, invite other collaborators, delete, share externally, etc.).

Try out our new feature and tell us what you think of it! Or request a demo from our Success team to learn more about this feature.

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