Massive Updates on Mediartis

Check out the latest new and improved features of the Mediartis Voice Casting Stack! We’ve added new features, updated others, and improved the user experience to ensure your voice casting workflows are even smoother!

Flash Casting: Create, edit & deliver projects with just a few clicks.

Now you and your team members can import casting media directly into projects with drag & drop!

Login to your Mediartis account and  jump to your Casting Library. Create a new project and roles, then drag & drop audio and/or video media directly to your casting. Make sure your comments and media titles are client ready, and invite your client to access on streaming! 

Video files now supported on Mediartis

Your voice casting projects sometimes include video files? No problem!

Mediartis now supports a multitude of video file formats. Upload media by batch, drag & drop to individual actor media libraries or add them directly into projects. 

You and your clients will love the high quality video player that makes it easy to show off your actors live auditions!   

GDPR Processing of Videos

Either import media by batch or drap & drop to individual actor media libraries. Confirm the actor is entered into GDPR processing and Mediartis will automatically send a consent use request to the actor. 

Media must be attributed to an actor and not directly added to a casting from outside the platform in order for it to be GDPR processed.

All project assets must be processed on Mediartis for a casting to be stamped GDPR Compliant.

Voice casting GDPR compliance by Mediartis

Boosted knowledge base

Our knowledge base just got a full makeover and now offers even more detailed and informative step-by-step support articles to help you get the most out of Mediartis features! 

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