White Paper: Vendor & Freelancer Privacy Risks in Localisation

How to comply with data privacy

Localisation workflows include processing high volumes of freelancer personal data (translators, adaptors, subtitlers, etc.) by the supply chain. The data is often subject to extra-territorial data protection and entire supply chains are co-responsible for each other’s compliance.

Industry best practices haven’t integrated data protection particularities of localisation workflows. Service providers need guidelines to secure privacy processes, and content owners need a better understanding of privacy implications on production workflows and the risks associated with vendor non-compliance.

Download our white paper co-authored by Mediartis and Convergent Risks to learn: 

  • What is data privacy’s impact on localisation activities?
  • What are major risk areas of localisation workflows?
  • Why is vendor compliance crucial?
  • What are non-compliance risks?
  • What is GDPR’s impact on different localisation scenarios?
  • Practical tips for successful compliance strategies
  • How Mediartis privacy solutions can help you automate privacy obligations and control vendor compliance
  • How Convergent Risks can help your company obtain and maintain privacy achieve the right privacy posture
Download our white paper "Understanding Vendor & Freelancer Privacy Risks in Localisation Operations"

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About Mediartis

Mediartis is the Media & Entertainment industry’s first provider of data privacy solutions for dubbing and voiceover operations. Our mission is to simplify service providers privacy compliance obligations and to provide content owners vendor compliance controls to protect their organisations.

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