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Digital publishing has exploded with the digitalisation of media content. Agencies are challenging the traditional models of the big studios. Global demand for online video continues to increase and Cisco predicts that video will be 80% of web content by 2021.

In 2018, leading European digital industry revenues reached US$1,237M in the UK, US$812M in Germany, and US$733M in France. Over the same period, digital publishing in the United States grew to nearly US$18B, or almost US$79 per capita (Statista).

Companies are racing to increase global market reach with multi-language audio production with foreign voice over and dubbing.  E-learning, corporate videos, web TV, digital audio advertising, and document accessibility services, such as insurance and healthcare guidebooks have driven voice demand to an all-time high.

Voice production service providers have extensive voice databases to find the “perfect voice” for any project. Management of so much voice data can get complicated.  Voice databases are often under-optimised, resulting in wasted time searching for voice reels. Mediartis provides a comprehensive cloud voice database management solution to help you work more efficiently. Europe accounts for about half of the global languages services market (Statista 2019). Voice production vendors and contractors are challenged with regulatory EU GDPR voice processing logistics. As most digital publishers outsource studios, sound engineers, and other professionals in local markets for “localised” voicing, they are faced with the risk that partners may not be using GDPR compliant voice samples.

Digital Publishers and Voice Data GDPR Compliance

EU GDPR, in effect since May 25, 2018, enforces strict personal data processing laws that impose very specific handling and processing of voice samples. In order to guarantee GDPR compliant castings that ensure that final clients and stakeholders are risk free, companies must be able to confirm compliance of everyone in the workflow.

GDPR applies to who?

GDPR compliant voice processing concerns every stakeholder involved in voice production workflows if any of the participants are operating in Europe (final clients, independent contractors, subcontractors, production houses, etc.), or handling voice data (ie voice reels used for castings) belonging to a European citizen.    

Risks of non-compliancy?

Fines for non-compliance can reach €20M or 4% of global revenues, so it’s a good idea to make sure your casting production team and partners are compliant. One break in the chain puts all workflow participants at risk.

Mediartis provides cloud-based voice data solutions for all professionals working with voice samples.

GDPR compliance processing is included.

Unleash the power of your voice database with an integrated voice casting engine that optimises your voice assets.

Accelerate revenue growth by deploying a single solution to manage the GDPR compliant lifecyle of customer identity, consent, exactitude and autorisation.

Centralise your voice data and facilitate and control access authorisations to voice actor samples.

Simplify team, customer and partner access through secured and private organisational access management.

Organise castings with collaborators in secured and private casting cloud environments. Your samples are secured and cannot be transferred or downloaded.

Secure cloud voice data management and casting environments with HS256 data encryption, one-time-use access keys with timeout security, & default session timeouts.

Medias secured and encrypted with unique keys, and cipher block chaining encryption (strongest available). As an additional security, the key itself is encrypted by a master key that changes continually.

Ensure GDPR-friendly castings to keep final clients and all voice production stakeholders risk free.

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