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Often cited as the most stringent privacy legislation worldwide, many global privacy legislations and bills are based on GDPR framework. Many of our users GDPR-process all actors in their international casting databases and incorporate additional territory-specific measures when necessary.

Introducing the Mediartis GDPR Switch

Our exciting new tool GDPR Switch gives you the flexibility to specify which contacts and medias are GDPR processed on Mediartis.

How does is work?

When activated, the Switch automates casting GDPR processing obligations for selected actors and their voice samples :

  • Contacts actors to let them know they’re in your database and being used in castings
  • Requests, records, and renews their active consent of use of their data
  • Routes and processes data modification, rectification and deletion requests
  • Provides secure and isolated interfaces for actors to access their personal data (samples watermarked for added security)
  • Only allows GDPR compliant actors/samples be added to castings marked GDPR compliant and delivered to clients via streaming

Can I deactivate the GDPR processing?

Yes! The Switch lets you deactivate GDPR processing for actors non-subject to EU GDPR, add them to castings non-subject to GDPR and deliver castings to clients via streaming. These projects are marked “non-GDPR processed”.

What casting scenarios are subject to GDPR?

Mediartis endorses the following recommendations made by GDPR legal experts:

  • EU actor => Casting delivered to EU company => GDPR applies
  • EU actor => Casting delivered to non-EU company => GDPR applies
  • Non-EU actor => Casting delivered to EU company => GDPR applies
  • Non-EU actor => Casting delivered to non-EU company => GDPR doesn’t apply

*Mediartis strongly recommends confirming with your DPO or legal advisors for guidance on which Switch mode responds to your specific situation.

Try out our new feature and tell us what you think of it! Or request a demo from our Success team to learn more about this tool.

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