[Now Live] Branded Client Casting Delivery

Deliver branded voice castings

Your brand visible throughout the entire production flow.

With Mediartis, you can now deliver customers corporate-branded, interactive and GDPR compliant castings via streaming!

  • Boost your brand image
  • Deliver projects unlike anything your clients have seen
  • Position yourself as GDPR audio compliant provider

Competition in the dubbing and voiceover production industry is fierce. Branding, a vector of success for your company, allows you to build confidence, through every client interaction, and to inspire confidence in your brand.

Position your brand as innovative and reliable

Branded castings shared via Mediartis associate elegance, simplified project presentation and data security with your brand image. They underline your professionalism, consistency and personality. 

Modern, comprehensive and user-friendly casting presentations with unlimited roles allow your clients to easily navigate and filter by role, language and any other identifiers you define. 

Set your organisation apart from the competition

The most successful brands build solid emotional connections with their prospects and clients, and transform them into brand ambassadors.

Castings delivered via Mediartis help you create this connection your client interaction is fluid and simple, every casting modification is visible in real time (newly added samples, actor proposition orders) as is your logo. This professionalism renders strength to your brand, reactivity and reliability.

Creating Competitive Advantage with GDPR

Every interaction with your clients via Mediartis highlights your company’s GDPR compliance. This positions your brand as a responsible voice production provider, as a company who understands the importance of protecting their clients from GDPR non-compliance risks .

If your company delivers castings via Mediartis and you’d like to be showcased on our homepage, please contact us:  team @  🙂 

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