[Updates v3.4] Castings: Client Comments, Ratings and Sharing

This long-awaited feature will amaze you! Now the people you share your castings with can comment on and rate samples. And with your authorisation – revocable at any time – they can reshare the casting with others.

Client feedback: comments and ratings

Now, when you share a casting with people outside of your organisation, they can leave comments and rate individual audio and video media you’ve included in the project.

They can only see their own comments and ratings, and no one else’s.

When you share a casting, the person will see the following information:

  • your company logo
  • project name
  • role names
  • actor proposals for each role (titles can be personalised), with their audio and video media in the order you have chosen
  • your public comments
  • a role search bar
  • a section for your clients to comment and rate each sample

When your clients rate the samples and add comments, this information is automatically displayed in your casting interface.

You will see an average rating based on all commentator ratings, and the number of comments is listed in red.

Click the comments icon or the stars to open the comments panel where you see author email addresses, their comments and ratings, and when they provided their feedback.

To learn more about sharing castings, see our FAQ.

Casting resharing: review centralisation

When you share a casting, you can authorise recipients to reshare the casting with their team and partners. This allows them to collect their own feedback on the casting. Very practical if your contact is an intermediary before the end customer!

This resharing authorisation is revocable at any time.

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