Voice production professionals: what are your GDPR obligations ?

The following obligations apply to all personal data an individual or organisation is holding and processing. Every time a new voice sample is added to your casting database, it must enter a GDPR compliance process.

Every individual and organisation involved in a voice production workflow is legally responsible for being capable of ensuring the GDPR compliance of collaborators (subcontractors and final clients included).

Voice data GDPR compliance obligations:

  • Establishing a solid legal basis for processing a data subjects’ (actor) personal data – 100% independent of any work contract (EU prohibits this scenario for data usage consent, considering it a subordinate relation)
  • Informing data subjects (actors) you possess and process their personal data
  • Acquiring active consent from a data subject
  • Data identification
  • Data securisation
  • Data mapping
  • Soliciting, recording, and renewing active consent (Article 6)
  • Respecting time limitations on consent
  • Reminding data subjects you are processing their personal data
  • Processing modification requests
  • Processing rectification requests
  • Processing deletion requests across all organisational support
  • Soliciting and recording specific consent for transfers or a set of transfers of personal data to a third country or an international organisation (solicitation must legally include information of the possible risks of such transfers for the data subject due to the absence of an adequacy decision and appropriate safeguards)
  • Deleting personal data when consent has not been obtained within legal time limit
  • Advising data subject their personal data has been deleted within your organisation
  • Advising data subject their personal data has been modified within your organisation
  • Providing data subject (actor) access to all personal data you are processing – this includes traditional personal data (name, phone, address, etc.) and also VOICE SAMPLES (their biometric personal data)
  • Ensuring your subcontractors and final clients are respecting GDPR when providing you with voice samples or receiving voice samples from you
  • Portability (obviously this obligation depends on copyright, intellectual and neighbor rights associated with individual samples)

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Disclaimer: All data and information provided in this blog post are for informational purposes only. Mediartis makes no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or validity of the information contained in this document. We recommend that you consult a lawyer for any legal advice regarding the respect of data protection

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