GDPR Voice Casting Database: Q&A

Since launching the Mediartis platform, we’ve had the opportunity to discuss voice personal data and its processing in our industry, in great detail with a number of producers registered on Voxing Pro.

Many producers are asking themselves the same questions concerning the implications of GDPR and their activities. Here are a few highlights of recurring questions and concerns of industry professionals.

How does GDPR concern me?

GDPR is the responsibility of everyone and imposes specific obligations the moment personal data is stored and processed internally. Such is the case for actors’ voice samples used for castings. Voice data is sensitive, and the CNIL (French GDPR compliance authority) has taken a special interest in the dubbing and voiceover industry.

We already have a HR and/or legal service who looks after our GDPR

Great! Make sure the voice extracts in your casting database are processed in the same manner as traditional personal data and that you have received specific usage and delay authorisation from the actors for every sample. This includes informing actors of the samples existance and giving them the opportunity to listen to the recordings in order to accord usage consent.

I have a contract with my actors, I’m already compliant

The contract stipulates use of audio recordings for a specific duration and a precise utilisation. In order to use the samples for castings, you must obtain consent, free and clear from any sort of work contract – the EU considers this a subordinate relation and unacceptable if connected.

My organisation is small and I don’t work with a lot of actors, I don’t need an external service to manage their personal data

In light of the complexity of compliance obligations, we estimate it takes between 1-2 hours / year / actor to respect GDPR legal framework. You’ll need to decide if managing this personal data internally is operationally possible and financially beneficial as opposed to outsourcing.

I don’t use an internal voice casting database for my projects

In your global GDPR approach, be cautious about your subcontractors compliance, especially concerning voice data. One weak link in the production chain puts you in a very risky situation – both financially and reputation-wise.

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