[Updates v3.35] Optimized Actor Compliance Management

These new features simplify GDPR compliance management for both Mediartis users and talents validating their profiles and media.

I. Compliance Validation after Personal Data Modification Requests

Now when an actor requests modifications of their personal data (profile and/or media) in your casting database, they also pre-authorise the processing of their data once the modifications have been made. 

This means that once you the make the requested modifications, their GDPR status automatically changes to “Validated” and the talent and their media can be used in castings without awaiting further confirmation.

Note: If additional modifications are made to the talent’s profile and/or new media are added, this will trigger a new consent workflow. GDPR status will change to “Consent Requested”, a consent request is sent, and assets are not usable in castings until validation by the talent.

II. New Countdown of Days Remaining before Data Deletion

Two new counters have appeared in the “Contacts” tab, in the “GDPR status” column.

You can see at a glance the number of days you have left to act before an actor data is deleted. Very handy if an actor forgot to give their consent, or if you missed an edit request.

  1. Red counter: When an actor’s status changes to “Rejected”, this countdown starts for deletion within 30 days unless the actor validates his data. There is an urgent need to process his file.
  2. Orange counter: When an actor is hasn’t given his consent in the imparted time, or when you have to make a modification to his information. The number of days to act is added to the 30 days before deletion, so that you know at all times the action time before the permanent deletion of the contact..

What triggers the countdowns?

  1. The actor has not given his consent yet:
  • following the modification of its profile
  • following the addition of medias
  • following a consent request sent every 2 years

When an actor receives the first reminder, the orange counter goes off. The actor has 28 days to go to his account to validate the use of his data (4 reminders), before seeing his profile go to “Rejected”. The red counter then starts for 30 days before the final deletion of the data. This gives 58 days in all to act.

  1. The actor makes a modification request:

The orange counter is immediately triggered for 60 days, which gives you time to make the requested modification. If the change is not made within the allotted time, the red counter starts for 30 days before the data is permanently deleted. This leaves a total of 90 days to act.

III. Optimised data validation process for voice actors

Now for actors, the process they use to validate their contact data (name, address, languages, etc.) and medias (audio samples) is simplified and improved.

This allows you to focus entirely on your castings and no longer think about the GDPR 😜

For more information, see the Voice Actor FAQ detailing the process.

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